IE9 compatability view and PCA... an observation.

  mooly 14:34 20 Mar 2011

On IE8 I always had to use compatability view to get the PCA page to align text correctly.... as many others have pointed out in the past.

IE9 seems to display PCA OK whether in compatability view or not which I find surprising.

A BBC weather site that I always ran in compatability view now has that option missing from the address bar.

I see that to enter the compatability view menu and options you have to access via "tools" from the command bar rather than just "tools" from the address bar.

  rawprawn 16:08 20 Mar 2011

Hi mooly, have you got "Display all websites in compatibility view" ticked?

  Woolwell 17:06 20 Mar 2011

I find the same as mooly.

  mooly 17:47 20 Mar 2011

Not ticked :) thanks

Must say I'm liking it up to now anyway.

  mooly 19:00 20 Mar 2011

Another strange difference.
While using IE8 I exported my cookies with the compatability preferences in place and on IE8 that was restored when importing them.

Not so IE9.

I then cleared all again and logged in to all sites "manually" setting up the login details as I went and set PCA and BBC in compatability view. Cleared the browser and imported the new cookie file and again, compatability preferences not retained.

  mooly 08:37 24 Mar 2011

My above posting on CV (compatability view)... I have submitted as a "bug report" on IE9

Another slightly confusing thing. I always understood CV was just to alter the layout of a web page "as displayed" in IE9 for example.

I have found at least one site (BT forum) where not using CV causes a typed message not to post at all when you send it... use CV and it posts correctly.

The only references I can find about CV are relating to how it changes the view, for example misplaced text etc. Seems its much more than this.

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