IE8 & shockwave flash conflict - (W7 64 bit)

  Marko797 15:57 03 Sep 2010

I'm getting a bit fed up with this issue and have researched until I'm blue in the fingers!

I've worked out, through disabling all add-ons in IE8, and then re-enabling them one by one, that the above Adobe item is the cause of my problem 'Internet Explorer has stopped working', etc. I like IE8 so would wish to continue using it rather than switching to Firefox, or some such.

However, rather than just leaving the thing disabled in add-ons, it would seem that I actually need it, in order to display some web content, and have been prompted to get it.

I have no such issues with it when I use my XP laptop (32 bit), but there are times when I use my new desktop, of course.

You would think, wouldn't you, that these Adobe guys would be aware of the problem and surely offer a fix?

Does anyone on PCA know of a proper solution to this, please before it drives me totally mad?

  john bunyan 16:42 03 Sep 2010

I had to uninstall then reinstall - I have W7 64 bit and IE8, no problems.
See Here:
click here

  john bunyan 16:44 03 Sep 2010

PS you will probably need different versions on the desktop and laptop. In my case the Adobe uninstall route worked. Good luck, do report back.

  Marko797 17:31 03 Sep 2010

thanks, I'll give it a whirl.

However I had uninstalled then re-installed much along the lines which your link suggests. Then re-enabled the add-in, and guess what? it didn't work & I was still getting the error messages.

Seems my machine has IE8 64 and IE8 32 versions, so I might have to revert to the 32 bit version as the default.

I'll come back on findings.

  HWJC 14:21 05 Sep 2010

Incredible as it may seem (to me, certainly) there is no 64-bit Flash built yet, so flash can't work in the 64-bit IE. You HAVE TO use 32-bit IE.

If I'm out of date about Flash, someone tell me. I've been waiting over a year, complained and still absolutely nothing. Adobe drive me crackers.

If there's an alternative, I'd also like to know.

  john bunyan 16:25 05 Sep 2010

Although my OS is W7 64 bit, I know they some applications actually run in 32 bit mode. I have PS CS5 and use the 64 bit version for edting but the 32 bit one for scanning as there are no TWAIN drivers for 64 bit.Having read this link nore carefull, and having checked using their links, it appears that my IE8 runs by default in 32 bit mode. The version of Flash I have is 10,1,8,2,76 which is apparently correct. I am not sure if it matters as long as it works - does it?
Marko797 - do follow link to check that your IE 8 is running in 32 bit (Look in "? Help" "About Internet Explorer" and if it does not mention 64 bit it is running in 32 bit mode and Flash should work.

  john bunyan 16:36 05 Sep 2010

I have now noticed in the Start, All orogrammes menu, one can choose the 32 or 64 bit IE8. I had not noticed it beore, and presumably the 32 bit launches by default. Just as well until Adobe issue a 64 bit Flash version. Thanks HWJC for prompting more homework on this issue.

  Marko797 18:19 05 Sep 2010

thnx for continuing to research in my absence, & to HWJC.

Still no luck I'm afraid, and have tried running in 32 bit.

You are correct re; Start, All programs, but I go via Start & then the bottom search facility and type in 'Internet explorer' which provides 3 options: IE64, or IE32, or with add-ons disabled.

The only way this will work for me, without the error message, is to run IE (either version) with the offending add-on disabled.

If I get to a site which requires it, then I just re-enable in the 'manage add-ons' section.

I'll tick as resolved, albeit reluctantly. Thnx again to both of you.

  HWJC 16:36 06 Sep 2010

One thing I omitted is that I get numerous crashes too. It appears constant crashing is "normal". I use numerous sites that use flash so I put up with it, though obviously I'm unhappy several times a day, particularly when I have to run webmail as I'm re-logging in several times a day.

I make the assumption that when Adobe finally release a 64-bit Flash it will run with bringing IE down every hour of the day. Why I make this assumption I don't know. I find Adobe a wholly unprofessional company regarding their products on both Vista and W7, both of which I run on desktop and laptop respectively.

  Marko797 11:02 08 Sep 2010

about shockwave being the culprit, I think I may have been mistaken. I think my problems lay with IE7 pro, which I had left enabled somehow. Strange how the publisher was 'not verified' in IE8 add-ons list.

I have since disabled it, and re-enabled shockwave, and since yesterday, things have behaved properly, and no crashes. I'll report back if anything changes in the meantime.

HWJC - do u have IE7 pro running as an add-on at all?

  gazzaho 10:15 09 Sep 2010

I had IE7 Pro installed a while back and it stopped links stored in the favorites folder opening in a new tab when clicking the arrow next to the link, I had to right click and select open in new tab every time. This annoyed me for some time before I realised what was causing it. It's safe to say I no longer use that little add-on.

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