IE8 seems to have REALLY upset my PC!

  Simsy 09:42 01 May 2009


I installed IE8 a couple of days ago having been offered it as an update, (not custom). It seemed to install OK, but...

1)IE seems very slow to load, and to load pages.
2) Outlook Express is now very slow to finish loading, giving a "not responding" message for a while before completeting.
3)Excel,(2007), now takes an age to open.

So I thought I'd do a system restore to before IE8... but,

4)Though System Restore is turned on, and I did have several restore points, I NOW HAVE NONE AT ALL!! But the space taken by system restore has not been released

So it "looks" like the IE8 upgrade has made a big mess of my system, which was working smoothly and sweetly immediately before IE8.

Fortunately I have a True Image taken just a couple of weeks ago so I can get back to there easily enough.

Have I just been unlucky, or did IE8 do this? Anyone else with similar problems?

XP Home, by the way. (I've not been offered it as an update on my Vista laptop?)



  oldbeefer2 10:08 01 May 2009

I just rolled back to IE7 when a similar thing happened to me with IE8 - problems all gone.

  sunnystaines 10:08 01 May 2009

took me a while to get ie8 speeding along, tried all the various tips in pca forum worth checking these out. biggest increase came from deleting speedbit software used for speeding up video downloads, but the various tips also helped too.

  Simsy 10:55 01 May 2009

I've restored from a true image...



  skeletal 12:24 01 May 2009

I have been having trouble with Opera so I am now trying Safari and, at long last, I dared try IE8 this very morning.

I was worried to move from IE6 to IE8 because IE6 was the only browser guaranteed to open on every site I visited. If IE8 screwed up I would have some headaches (you can’t have IE6 running at the same time as IE8…unless you know different)!

Much to my amazement, and in direct contrast to your unfortunate experience Simsy, it installed fine and is working great (so far, fingers crossed!).

It has opened all sites so far (including my bank, Citrix VPN and PCA!). It remains to be seen if it crashes when trying to make payments at on-line stores (one of the Opera problems).

My biggest moan so far is I can’t find how you can make a new tab open at your home page.

It always puzzles me when some users of software say “It’s great” and others “It crashed my system”.

I’m running XP Media Centre; I may try to install it on my laptop...but I don’t know if I could take so much stress in one day!


  skeletal 15:00 01 May 2009

Quick update to help anyone else (and sorry to all IE experts that know this, and for starting to hijack Simsy's thread!): to set the page that opens when you open a new tab go to Tools/ Internet Options/ General/ Tabs Settings/ When a new tab is opened, open: And chose what you prefer (for me “Your first home page”).

So, that big moan has gone.

And I’ve had it open for a few hours now and it’s not crashed yet (Safari has crashed out a few web sites over the last few days).

And it seems pretty fast "out of the box" and I’ve not tried any tweaks.

Also, Excel 2007 now seems more stable, but I've downloaded Office SP2 at the same time as IE8 so hopefully they have finally got rid of the Excel bug. So have not had a slow Excel either.

But I've not tried to buy anything yet...the last hurdle!

I’m starting to like IE8; it's a shame you had problems Simsy.


  degssie 15:09 06 Jun 2009

Although I have been having the same problems as others my biggest problem is that when I click on links on a page or even try and open a new tab,I keep getting the error message "to protect your computer Microsoft has closed thei programme" I then get a request to send an error report. I may then get a message that my present page has been recovered. I have also encountered the problem of additional "Ad" windows opening at random times, usualy when I have clicked on a link.
I tried to roll back to before I installed IE8 but although other things changed, such as my wall paper, IE8 was still installed

  Sea Urchin 17:08 06 Jun 2009

You need to "roll back" to IE7 using uninstall in Add/Remove Programs

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