IE8 probs

  Marko797 17:44 05 Jul 2009

After months of using the above without problem, today, I'm having a major issue.

IE8 is consuming vast resources when I check in Task Manager (currently it's at 50%), and my laptop fan seems/sounds to be going flat out. I have also noticed several entries in Task Mgr for iexplore.exe, but only have one tab open. One 1 occasion there were 2 entries for iexplore.exe, one at 50% and the other at 49%, leaving little left for the machine to run on.

When I 'end task', after a short while it closes, but then resumes resource hogging, even when IE isn't actually open, resulting in the laptop performance being affected.

I've done a virus and MBAM/SAS scans, but all clear bar a few cookies which have since been cleared.

Anyone know what's happening, preferably before the thing explodes? Thanks.

  birdface 20:13 05 Jul 2009

I suppose you could try a system restore to a time when it was running ok.Or .Tools.Internet Options..Advanced.And press reset.See if that helps.

  interzone55 20:24 05 Jul 2009

Get rid of the MSN Toolbar.It was using over 75% of my CPU time yesterday, even after I'd shut IE8 down...

  Marko797 21:18 05 Jul 2009

have disabled a load of add-ins in IE8, let's see what happens.

  Marko797 14:49 06 Jul 2009

still no joy on this & can't find much of use on google.
Have ran full virus scan, no infections.
Have ran MBAM again, no problems found.
Ran SAS, no problems.
Ran A Sqd, no problems.

Am a bit stuck now, so any ideas appreciated.

Getting a little fed up of having to close down multiple iexplore.exe entries (50% and 49% resource consumption at the same time) in Task Manager. It seems to happen for no reason, whether on the internet, or not. Driving me mad.

  T I M B O 14:53 06 Jul 2009

Did IE 7 give you any problems ??

  Marko797 15:28 06 Jul 2009

I have never used IE7. I'm on aol, but chose to get IE8 when it came out, n never had any probs.

Not sure this prob is totally connected to IE8 however, and have just posted a hijackthis log on a specialist forum. iexplore.exe seems to be a MS related issue that's giving me grief at the mo.

  oldbeefer2 15:29 06 Jul 2009

I'd be tempted to go back to IE7 or use Firefox; I had similar problems with IE8.

  Marko797 15:34 06 Jul 2009

cheers, but IE8 has never caused me probs at all, and 2b honest, I don't even know if IE8 is the problem, or whether it's spyware related. All scans have drawn a blank.
I'll hang on until the hijackthis crew have commented, and then maybe remove IE8 and see if that solves the problem.
Computers eh? Who'd 'ave 'em?

  T I M B O 15:37 06 Jul 2009

Try using software called "Runscanner". It's free and quite good software, i use this on all of my machines>> click here

  Marko797 16:01 06 Jul 2009

thnx for that, I'm running it as we speak.

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