IE8 Install... Whats going on !!!! Thoughts please

  mooly 07:54 25 Mar 2009

Trying again with this, just like some thoughts please.
Problem... Unable to successfully get IE8 installed. Acer notebook running Vista HP.
Have contacted Microsoft, very helpful but still no joy.
This is what happens... cutting a long story short.
FIRST... If you boot into SAFE MODE you will know how graphics on the system tray etc look. And the same when you open any folders etc, no colour, all very basic. The Vista start orb is replaced by a white rectangle saying start.
Well this is how everything ends up after installing IE8. The desktop is "normal" although the background image is "missing" where the sidebar should be. Can close and rebuild the sidebar but the missing background follows it. The system tray at the bottom is just a white strip with "safe mode style" graphics and the same for opening any "Windows" folders etc.
Opening IE8 says installed OK and web pages from what I can tell OK.. haven't configured anything.. BUT the toolbar at the very top is just a "safe mode style" strip. No colour in any boxes such as minimise, exit etc.
Microsoft advised saving IE8 as a file and installing in safe mode with no security package running... tried that same result.
I keep going back to a disc image (Acronis) to put it all back as it was.
Anyone any ideas... to try when I have more time maybe.

  rawprawn 08:26 25 Mar 2009

I don't know if it's relevant, but sometimes after running in Safe mode my Desktop is similar to yours. I cure it this way.
Try Right Click on the desktop and select Personalise then choose Window Colour and Appearance then from the list choose Windows Aero.
Let us know

  mooly 08:39 25 Mar 2009

Will make a note of that and I will try again but probably nearer weekend.
When I try and install normally ie NOT in safe mode other things happen, it freezes at the "configuring browser settings" box requiring a hard switch off. IE8 then still says installed OK but the desktop etc is still the same... partly safe mode style.
Installing IN safe mode and I don't for some reason get the above box appearing.
I will try again, it's such a hassle keep restoring though.
If ever there was a time to thank Acronis, and to realise how important a good backup plan is, then this is it.

  rawprawn 08:57 25 Mar 2009

I uninstalled IE 8, I thought there were still too many bugs in it and I prefer IE7.
I will wait sometime before trying again. The reaction from members of this forum is very mixed. Some think it's the bees knees, while others like myself are much less impressed, and have many problems.

  birdface 09:14 25 Mar 2009

I downloaded IE8 yesterday and saved it to my documents.Switched off my internet connection and then ran it.Turned off the automatic download and downloaded it manualy,I was advised to run Microsoft updates when finished and there was only 2 updates and one of them was for MSN 4.7 which I removed.I have not had any problems with it so far and it is running well.So no complaints from me.

  mooly 11:44 25 Mar 2009

Thanks guys, suppose the bottom line is I just don't like mysteries like this.
I want to know why, and how to put it right... and after all that if I don't like it... well erm... I'll go back to IE7.
It's that quest for knowledge thing I guess.

  birdface 11:54 25 Mar 2009

I can't stand the bloated Toolbar on it.So far I have the favorites and command bar unticked.And trying to find away to get rid of the favorites star on the bottom of the toolbar without much success.Its not a pretty sight.It may be just because I have a small monitor and maybe it is Ok on a bigger Monitor.But to me a bit of an eyesore.

  mooly 11:58 25 Mar 2009

I think what your trying to say is don't bother (maybe).
Is there any downside to just sticking with IE7 for the forseeable future ? or will web pages change such that they are more suited to IE8.

  birdface 12:27 25 Mar 2009

If you have a fairly big Monitor it should be Ok.I have absolutely no problems with it only the size of the toolbar.Runs nice and quick.And have noticed that I do not have to press refresh all the time when posting on here.But not sure if that is down to IE8 or PCA. Not much difference between IE7 and IE8 so maybe if you are happy with IE7 stay there.But I believe with computers you have to go forward no use being stuck in the past but always best to be cautious though and maybe wait for more comments.
I am using XP and have no problems with it.
I ran it with my internet connection switched off so maybe that helped when IE7 came out at first we were recommended to run it with our Firewall switched off.Anyhow best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

  mooly 14:20 25 Mar 2009

Thanks... If I do get it sussed I'll post it up here.

  birdface 15:02 25 Mar 2009

From PCA worth a read I suppose.
click here

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