IE8 "Imporant update" Don't have IE8 installed !

  mooly 07:09 29 Apr 2009

Being offered IE8 important update this AM but still using IE7 (Vista) No KB number either. Any ideas whay it is anyone.

  mooly 07:20 29 Apr 2009

Just been googling this... any truth that MS are pushing IE8 as an auto update, and that's what this is. It's just under 16mb in size. Good job don't have windows set to auto install if it is.

  Taff™ 07:22 29 Apr 2009

IE8 was released yesterday for general release. My XP machine is downloading it now and this Vista laptop has also notified me of it.

The update is clearly IE8, not an update for it, so it might be worth checking the exact wording. It wouldn`t surprise me if you have automatic updates switched on that IE8 was installed yesterday and an update was immediately available. Check what version of IE you currently have.

  Taff™ 07:33 29 Apr 2009

Must type faster! I`m doing an ATI on the laptop before installing it.

  mooly 07:40 29 Apr 2009

That is sneaky. There is no way to tell what the update is from the info given. I have updates set to "notify" and not install automatically, not least because I've been caught once to often with an unforseen problem.
I just can imagine the problems this is going to cause.

  ened 07:53 29 Apr 2009

I too have my machine set to notify me before up dating.

Is IE8 okay now?

There have been quite a few people with problems with it.

  Sparkly 07:58 29 Apr 2009

Morning all just took a look at the updates being offered up by windows update on my vista desktop and laptop both are in excess of 500mb each with all the office 2007 updates....wooooh.

  brundle 08:10 29 Apr 2009

If you use Spywareblaster make sure it's updated to 4.2 - the previous v4.1 had some issues with IE8 and could cause long delays when the browser is first opened. Spybot was also causing problems, fixed now I hope - I only use the former.

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  mooly 08:11 29 Apr 2009

I couldn't get IE8 to work properly. The problems were bizarre. Things like it changing font sizes in my yahoo email client, you had to log out and back in to IE to alter them back. Then you would view one web site and all font sizes corrupted again. Several threads on it.
If I do have another go it's definitely Acronis time. And just when my Vista "stability" thingy is happily sat on "10" day after day.

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