IE8 & IE7 ~ 3 Questions...

  Graphicool1 13:18 04 Nov 2010



I'm thinking about giving IE8 another look. When it first came out I checked it, didn't like it and uninstalled it. But I didn't have to reinstall IE7 it was still there.

If I install IE8 again and find I still don't like it, when/if I uninstall it, will it revert to IE7 again, as before?


Could the nefarious problems I've been having with IE7 since that time and escalating, be anything to do with the fact that I didn't reinstall it? It's very unstable.


Presumably, if I wanted to reinstall IE7, I would have to uninstall it first and reinstall it from the WINXP disc?

  onthelimit 13:25 04 Nov 2010

Yes, it will revert. You could always reinstall from MS.

click here.

  Press Man 13:37 04 Nov 2010

click here for info.

  rawprawn 13:53 04 Nov 2010

Why not try IE 9 Beta?

  961 14:20 04 Nov 2010

Just go with IE8

It's currently stable and secure

  Graphicool1 14:23 04 Nov 2010

I hadn't thought of that. I usually try to steer clear of Beta programmes, because they tend to be buggy. I think that may have been why I couldn't get on with IE8 the first time around. It was still in it's infancy. Although I guess I could dig out my pioneering spirit and break a rule for a change.

I'll think about it a bit.

onthelimit ~ thanx for the link.

Press Man ~ Checking out your link I noticed that, in their words...
"IE8 takes up a whopping 4 gigabytes of disk space!"
Anyone got any idea what IE7 &/or IE9 uses?

  at-door-shop 14:25 04 Nov 2010

IE9 is better
click here

  961 14:28 04 Nov 2010

Just leave beta programmes for the adventurous

When you first tried IE8 it was perhaps too early before the bugs had been sorted

Don't do the same again

IE8 is what you need. It's been out for some time. It's fine!

  rawprawn 15:27 04 Nov 2010

I have had no problems at all, I know it's Beta, but like IE 8 you can always revert back.

  Graphicool1 10:18 05 Nov 2010

I hear what you're all saying and like any question thrown at a diverse group of people, you all have your own agenda's and point of view. If you had all spoken as one person, echoing the same view, the problem would be solved. So, although I believe you are all speaking with my best interests in mind. Some of you are new names to me. So even though your suggestions may be viable, on this occasion I've decided to go with 'rawprawn' as we have history on PCA.

rawprawn ~ do you have a link for IE9?

What ever the outcome ~ as ever ~ I'll post my finding's. Cheers everyone for your input. ¦¬) G1

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:19 05 Nov 2010

IE9 is not available for Windows XP.

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