IE8 & Google

  Daiol 14:34 10 Dec 2009

I'm using windows xp pro.Now i'm getting p****d with my internet explorer and google opening up on their own.
Done a full malwarybytes,superantispyware,avast full scan,yes malwarebytes found some nassties but for some reason it just opens up,its done it while i was typing this question.I tried firefox it was happening there.
Any help please 'urgent I'm pulling my hair out here'.Thanks all.

  GaT7 14:53 10 Dec 2009

Your system could still be infected with malware or similar.

Download & run HijackThis (HT) click here, then post the resultant log in a dedicated HT forum - click here for a list (see left column).

You can also do a quick DIY HT analysis via click here. Do NOT manually remove anything on your own - ask for help on one of those forums. All the best with it. G

  Daiol 15:19 10 Dec 2009

Hi,Thanks for reply.
Can you please be a liitle simple in explaining ' then post the resultant log in a dedicated HT forum -for a list (see left column).I'm Running adaware 'lavasoft' at the moment will be back soon.daiol

  GaT7 15:29 10 Dec 2009

Running HT will generate a log - this is basically a text file with details of the scan.

Open the log (should open in Notepad by default), press Ctrl+A on your keyboard (to select all text), then copy + paste the text into the forum box / DIY analysis box. G

  Daiol 15:35 10 Dec 2009

Do you mean paste text into this forum?

  GaT7 15:43 10 Dec 2009

No, post in one of those forums in the list click here (see left column).

Unfortunately, this forum will not be able to handle the sheer volume of text generated by the log. Even if you divided it up & posted it in bits, it could be days/weeks(?) before anyone knowledgeable will happen along to help. G

  birdface 17:19 10 Dec 2009

Try with the Pop Up blocker switched of under tools.
or try Tools.Internet Options.privacy.Make sure it is set to Medium.
While there try Sites.Type in the website that you want to view.And then press always allow.
Then switch IE8 off then on again and see if it makes any difference.

  Daiol 09:12 11 Dec 2009

Good morning all,Well I'm back with some results.
Did a scan with:
Malwarebytes,Found 4 items:
Worm.Autorun.B File C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-4645440703
Worm.Autorun.B File C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-0903053327
Trojan. Agent Registry Value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE.32727
Trojan. Agent Registry Value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE.62557
Superantispyware found 'one'
Spybot 'Nil'
AdAware 'Lavasoft' Found one 'Root'
Dr Webb Found 'One'
HijackThis(1).msi/stream000\Hijack....C:\Documents & Settings\David\Local set....Probably WIN.Worm.Virus.
One point regardinbg Adaware,It took a very long time to scan considering the total is only 46gb on hdd.
Also do you think that my avast antivirus should have picked these up,'Yes' or 'No' ??.
I also tried the suggestion regarding the popup blocker etc.
About what 'Crossbow7' said that sounded a little out of my knowledge,So i left that alone.
Can you please advise me on the latest results above.
Many thanks to all.daio.

  GaT7 17:25 11 Dec 2009

Did you remove the malware items that were found with your latest scans? If yes, did it make any difference?

Let me know which parts of my posts you didn't understand & we'll try to do it step by step. G

  Daiol 18:20 11 Dec 2009

Crossbow7,Yes i did remove the latest items found & yes so far so good,Its all normal now.
The bit i didn't understand was The item regarding posting the info into another forum.That meant that i would have to join one of the forums to enter the info.
Now regarding my question about my avast antivirus should that have picked up those items before the damage was done,Is avast effective enough or should i go for another one maybe a bought one with more protection etc.
Thanks for all your info.

  GaT7 18:34 11 Dec 2009

Glad to know it appears to be OK now.

Yes, you would have to join one of those forums to post your thread.

I would do a DIY analysis at click here (you don't have to register or anything). I just tried the latest version of HT. If one chooses 'Do a system scan and save a logfile' it opens the logfile automatically on completion. You just need to select all text & copy+paste it in the box, then click on 'Analyze'. If any remnant nasties are found, I would strongly recommend joining & posting your results in one of those forums.

Unfortunately, no antivirus program is perfect or complete. One can only hope it is. Just make sure to keep it up-to-date by running manual updates if necessary. And try to stay away from potential dodgy/unknown sites, links or emails - this can prevent the majority of infections occurring in the first place. G

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