IE8 display problem

  tpconsult 13:51 02 Jun 2009

I installed IE8 yesterday. Seemed to work OK, opened and closed several times. Today, when I
started IE8, both the Commands Bar and the Favorites Bar are solid BLACK except for icons.
Also the "tabs" bar. Has anyone seen/resolved a similar issue? Will appreciate any advice.

  birdface 14:09 02 Jun 2009

If no further help maybe try running your security programs.Or Tools.Internet Options.Advanced and press reset.
I would wait and see if you get any other options first.
When I first installed IE8 it disabled some of my add ons although they showed enabled it had emptied the folders and had to be reinstalled.Maybe they have corrected it by now.

  Cymro. 15:30 02 Jun 2009

How would it be if you removed it via your add remove function and then reinstalled it. But as with butemans advise "I would wait and see if you get any other options first"

  tpconsult 17:33 02 Jun 2009

I tried the "reset" and also uninstalled and re-installed. No luck. Thanks for trying to help.

  PO79 17:37 02 Jun 2009

I had exactly the same problem, which is why I dumped it and went back to IE7.

  mooly 17:47 02 Jun 2009

Are you trying to install via Windows update or from another source ?
I had major problems with IE8 and gave up on it until it appeared in Windows update at which point it installed and operated perfectly.

  Cymro. 17:49 02 Jun 2009

Works very well for me just needed to tick the Compatibility View on a couple of sites. Stick with it as it is a very good browser.

  Cymro. 17:52 02 Jun 2009

I first downloaded IE8 from the BT site and when it would not work even the people on the BT Helpline told me to uninstall it and then reinstall from the Windows site. I have had no problems since and like it very much.

  mooly 18:24 02 Jun 2009

Who's Moody ? :)
Yep, BT/Yahoo kept offering the update to me... no way would it install. Tried off Microsoft. Same ! Submitted support request, really helpful but never got it to work properly, had to install in safe mode... this is where Acronis is such a lifesaver. IE8 on windows update, installed in minutes, perfect.

  tpconsult 18:35 02 Jun 2009

I did install from Windows Update. I will uninstall and re-install from Windows Update one more time, but I am not optimistic at this point.

  smokingbeagle 21:34 02 Jun 2009

Had the same issue. Changing the desktop background / wallpaper and re-booting seems to cure it temporarily. In my case, I have to do this a couple of times a week.

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