IE8 corrupted?

  Jim Thing 23:57 05 Oct 2009

Internet Explorer corrupted?

I have an intermittent problem with IE8. With some websites — but not all — the thing refuses to display a website I've asked for. Instead I get a page that's almost blank white except for the words 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage, followed by 'What you can try' and a click box marked 'Diagnose Connection Problems.'

In a typical example (namely the link in Peter99co's opening post in the thread How Good to Hear), the code displayed in the Explorer address box is click here, with in bold type and the rest greyed out.

Could anyone kindly suggest a cause and a cure?

  birdface 00:26 06 Oct 2009

Try.Run.Type in cmd then press Ok a command prompt box will open type in ipconfig /flushdns then Enter. it should tell you dns cache has been flushed ,if so reboot your computer and see if it works again.

  birdface 00:28 06 Oct 2009

Meant to ask are you on a low download speed from your ISP.And have you got compatibility mode ticked under tools.

  Jim Thing 09:02 06 Oct 2009

Apologies for delayed response. I'll try out your suggestions and report back as soon as I get home from a hospital appointment this morning.
Many thanks

  PalaeoBill 09:16 06 Oct 2009

I have flash blocked on my IE8 and I get a similar problem, either a blank screen or a partially loaded one. Forcing compatibility view or just closing and re-opening the browser window tends to cure it.
I'm hoping a Windows Upadate will correct the problem at some point.

  birdface 10:13 06 Oct 2009

[I have flash blocked on my IE8 and I get a similar problem]
Any special reason why you have flash blocked.
A good program that helps you browse a bit quicker is IE7pro add-on,If you are going to try it make sure Ad-blocker is ticked and mini Download manager is unticked.If you make any changes you have to close IE8 and then open it again to get the changes to work.

  PalaeoBill 10:42 06 Oct 2009

I have to use dialup connections fairly regularly so my laptop is configured to maximize the bandwidth it has, hence flash is blocked. I tried IE7, IE8 and firefox and IE8 worked best.
I will give your suggestion a try.
As to Jim Thing's problem, if I allow flash the problem doesn't happen and if I revert to IE7 it doesn't happen either. As with many things like this, flash is probably not the culprit just the straw breaking the camels back (I haven't tried removing Java and MySQL for a start or a whole host of other things that are running in the background).

  Jim Thing 14:42 06 Oct 2009

I ran ipconfig /flushdns as you suggested but unfortunately the problem persists.

My download speeds, measured in two consecutive tests, were 3985 kbps and 5556 kbps, and Compatibility View is ticked, with 'Display All Websites in Compatibility View' selected.

Palaeo Bill:
Thanks for your input. I'm tempted to revert to IE7 and see what happens. I read in an earlier thread that removing IE8 automatically reverts to IE7. Is this correct?

  skeletal 15:24 06 Oct 2009

I have similar problems. It is very common for IE8 to stop working properly. Although it happens all the time, it is particularly prevalent following a long period minimised, or following hibernation. I need to re-start it every so often to improve things.

In particular, IE8 seems not to like the PCA site; it went through a really bad patch a week or so ago.

Providing you restart every so often, it is liveable with. It is the only browser that works on every site (make that every site I visit, before other browser lovers steam in saying “XYZ always works for me”), which is why I put up with it.

You would think by now, that you could get a browser that actually worked all the time!


  birdface 15:41 06 Oct 2009

probably a firewall or ISP problem.have you tried it with your Firewall turned off.

  Jim Thing 16:44 06 Oct 2009

"...have you tried it with your Firewall turned off?"

No. But I will. Thanks.

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