baldyx 21:28 17 May 2009

Should I upgrade from IE7 to IE8 ?
I am not sure how secure it is.
Please advise.

  birdface 21:38 17 May 2009

No use sticking in the past.You will have a couple of little problems with it till you get started.but once up and running you will find it quicker than Firefox.If you don't like it just remove it from add remove and it reverts back to IE7.

  peter99co 22:03 17 May 2009

It has a lot going for it and includes a safety tab which allows filtering and in-private web browsing. And an option where if you highlight a name or place and click it offers a search. Plus other bits and bobs which I find quite good to use.

  robin_x 01:29 18 May 2009

Very secure I hope. I was supplied with IE6. Have now evolved thru IE7 to IE8.

IE7 used to crash often for me, never found out why. In spite of several reinstalls.

IE8 seems to give more security hidden away in options and pop up blocker settings. But I am not clear on the details without spending an hour going through it.
If you Add/Remove/uninstall IE8 your system should default back to IE7. ie no risk in trying.

  rawprawn 07:56 18 May 2009

Just be aware that some people have problems. I cannot get it to work properly on Vista on my machine, but I also have Windows 7 RC1 (Dual boot) and on there it is brilliant.
I would suggest that you try it, and if you don't like it revert back to IE7 as I did on vista.

  Pine Man 09:54 18 May 2009

No problems at all with IE8 but I must disagree with buteman as I have got Firefox installed as well as IE8 and it loads and displays my home page 50% faster than IE8 and most sites visited thereafter load significantly faster.

  jake_ie8team 19:06 21 May 2009

Hey all,

If you have trouble installing IE8, check out this resource on the Internet Explorer support page:
click here . If you install IE8 successfully, but then have problems with crashes, try the step-by-step guide to diagnosing your IE8 shutdowns by going to click here and answering the questions about your crashes by clicking on the links that correspond to your computer's symptoms.

In answering baldyx's question about security, IE8 is the most secure version of the browser. To read more about the security features of IE8 go here: click here .

I hope this information is what you were looking for!

- Jake

Internet Explorer Outreach Team

  baldyx 19:14 10 Aug 2009

Just installed IE8 and impressed with the performance.Most web sites now load a lot faster than under IE7. Touch wood no problems so far .

  GaT7 19:18 10 Aug 2009

"Most web sites now load a lot faster than under IE7" - that is an optical illusion.

Only kidding :-), G

  birdface 15:43 11 Aug 2009

3 months to make your mind up.Bet you wish you had done it when you opened your thread in may.
I/E7pro add-on can make it run that bit quicker.But if you are happy with the way it is just leave it.

  baldyx 18:02 11 Aug 2009

Thanks for highlighting another software. I am tempted to install it after Googling it but I am happy with the way IE8 is at the moment but then who knows 3 months down the line...

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