magnus35 19:50 02 Apr 2009

Since installing IE8 I have noticed the following -
1. Sites which used to remember me no longer do . I use CCleaner and allow cookies from those sites , same as before with IE7 .
2. When clicking on an item to select it a dotted box forms around the target . this did not happen before .
3. Previously on this site , hovering over a 'click here' would reveal the hyperlink destination . Now nothing happens .

Any suggestions as to the cause and / or remedy would be appreciated .

  birdface 12:32 03 Apr 2009

[Sites which used to remember me no longer do] Try Tools.Internet options.Content.Auto complete settings.Make sure you have the top3 and bottom 3 ticked.Also in tools make sure that you have compatibility mode ticked especially if you are using PCA.You will notice in add-ons that some things are enabled unfortunately some of the folder are empty so you need to download them again.[When clicking on an item to select it a dotted box forms around the target ]This is usually Google that you click on and it saves you from typing directly into the Google address bar.As this is only showing as a dotted line I would imagine your flash program is needing to be reinstalled.
I find IE8 excellent and a lot quicker than Firefox.Also any threads that you reply to automatically go to the top of the page so that you very rarely have to refresh the page.
Once you get it sorted you will find that it is a far better Browser now than most others.

  rawprawn 16:21 03 Apr 2009

I'm glad that you are getting on OK with IE 8. I am still sceptical, as you know I tried it and had problems so I uninstalled it.
Should I try again?

  rawprawn 16:22 03 Apr 2009

PS. Any tips for downloading etc?

  rawprawn 16:23 03 Apr 2009

Please excuse me I have no intention of Hijacking your thread.

  birdface 16:36 03 Apr 2009

I just downloaded it to my Documents then switched my modem off and downloaded it without Internet connection.I installed it so that it just installed what I wanted it to.If you choose the other method it will download messenger 5.7[something like that.]Obviously it cant do an automatic update.I just ran a manual Microsoft update and it only found 1 update.

Now thats the way I downloaded it.Probably the only one to do it.But it worked for me and I am quite happy with it.
Now I am using XP Home so not sure if there are any problems with any version of Windows that you you may be using.

  rawprawn 16:41 03 Apr 2009

OK thank you, I will give it another try.

  magnus35 21:23 03 Apr 2009

Thanks for your suggestions .

Ticked top and bottom 3 in auto complete and always use compatibility mode .
Reinstalled flash .

Dotted box no longer appears and hovering over ‘click here ’ now reveals destination .

No such luck with sites remembering me though .

Don’t understand your mention of add-ons and empty folders . In manage add-ons , rclick and select more information , some items state that they have been approved ‘to run on the following websites’ and the box below contains only an * , whereas others are approved to run on all sites . Should the ones with an * be made to run on all sites too , is this what you mean ?

My knowledge of such matters is very limited . IE8 does appear to be quicker , especially with the disappearance of the little phishing filter thing , but they seem to allow just enough time for getting used to something before replacing it with a newer model .

This site appears to still work the same . You can log in and be typing a response to a thread for a few minutes only to discover , when you click on ‘post response’ that you’ve been logged out and have to start again .

  birdface 21:56 03 Apr 2009

I believe the add-ons that say not available.Need to be downloaded again.If you are talking about getting logged out of PCA try opening My profile.Down near the bottom left tick the square always keep me logged in.

  magnus35 22:20 03 Apr 2009

There are only 2 add-ons listed as enabled but not available . Where / how do I access and dowload them ?

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