bluelarger 00:09 03 Nov 2006

I have BT Total brodand with 'BT Yahoo online protection' supplied by Norton...
I have just done a microsoft 'custom' update which notified me of a HIGH PRIOTY UPDATE concerning IE7 .
Upon downloading the update I installed it and rebooted my PC.
And thus the problems began my BT protection monitor would not load... displaying a large window message upon start up with a big red 'X' , ... 'BT HELPFINDER.EXE entry not be found' & ' Get process image not in PSAPI.DLL' ... !!!
At first i just clicked OK ,, but then went deeper into my Norton/ BT / Yahoo total protection software (which had displayed as GOOD with the usal green tick) to find that my 'upgraded firewall' had not loaded.. an that i only had incommin protection !!! or at least was being told so..
I then tried to contact the BT on line help people and although i could send them my question... every time they replied I could not get the message due to script errors on the page (in line 3 )....
I then uninstalled the high priority IE7 update and all again appeared well.. and indead when i rebooted... my upgraded firewall worked and so did my BT security guard...
and then up popped the reply from the BT on line helpdesk... saying to call tech support.. i explained i did not want to and was there a problem with IE7... i was told it was due to it being a beta release...
I explained i had just got off the microsoft update site via a 'custom' not express update and it was not beta IT WAS A LIVE HIGH PRIORTY UPDATE and asked him if he was telling me not to download microsoft updates.. !!!!
after a while he seamed to think it was a problem with the BT Yahoo browser but i told him i had tried both IE7 & BT,YAHOO during my recent troubles.. and in the end he assured me he would send the matter to higher persons at bt yahoo for attention...
but did not seam to belive me !!!
i have just checked microsoft again and its both a custom and express update ....
well done BT YAHOO AN NORTON.... I love spendin my nights sortin out what you messed up .....

  bluelarger 00:17 03 Nov 2006

hi after all of the above can some of you real computer info guy's tell me if my firewall is safe ???? and can the install / uninstall have done some thing i need to respond to ASAP ???? and why are BT saying its a beta problem if its a microsoft high prioty update ??? cheers thanks in advance

  douglas1973 01:24 03 Nov 2006

Hi bluelarger. Some months ago I had exactly the same problem as you but at that time IE7 was in the Beta stage. I informed BT of the problem using their (useless) BT Broadband Desktop Help and was told that it was not their problem and that I should advise Microsoft! I advised BT again this week and was told that I should revert to IE6. My experiences with BT Broadband Support have been terrible.

  bluelarger 02:43 03 Nov 2006

i feel the same but have read loads more on here so will close this

  bluelarger 02:44 03 Nov 2006


  anskyber 08:00 03 Nov 2006

Its your BT desktop helper facility. If you do not use it either uninstall or disable from your start up list. IE7 will be fine after that.

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