IE7 takes a while to bed in - Can this be right?

  wee eddie 09:20 02 Dec 2006

I had a lot of problems when I first installed IE7.

Inability to log on, dropped web Sites, inability to connect to web mail suppliers, inability to send messages, inability to switch pages within web sites the woes went on and on.

Interestingly, each day these problems began to disappear. Not all at once, you understand, but a bit at a time.

A week ago, attempts to click onto PCA in favourites would only succeed 1 in 4 times and attempts to post a reply were totally unsuccessful, then gradually it became easier to connect. Now almost every click in Favourites gets me directly to the Site requested and here I can compose a message and successfully send it without any bother.

This is weird. Anyone know why?

  anskyber 09:39 02 Dec 2006

No, but you have my admiration for your persistence!

  ed-0 09:59 02 Dec 2006

When I took the upgrade from IE6 to IE7. The transition was very smooth. Apart from getting used to the new interface all other aspects of IE7 ran very well. It continues to show a big improvement over IE7, in fact I seem to be using firefox less and less.

I can't really think why you have had these hick-ups, maybe it's a clash of programs?

Hope you are now enjoying the new browser as much as I am.

  Sir Radfordin 10:10 02 Dec 2006

The first Beta version I had of IE7 seemed to think I wasn't connected to the Internet every other web page but since the 'live' release has been installed has worked pretty much without fault.

  birdface 10:21 02 Dec 2006

Probably took that time to have your cookies Anti-Virus and firewall to work together,Now just as you think its running smoothly,!!! will you be back to-morrow with something different,

  wee eddie 18:17 02 Dec 2006

The other folk I know from Bute are happy wee souls.

Please don't depress me, it's been a nightmare!

  mosfet 18:41 02 Dec 2006

"takes a while to bed in"
Funny you saying that wee eddie I have noticed a few times PC's seem to sort themselves out & get better. After installing XPH 2yrs ago I had lots of bsod I know I didn't cure it,but it got better & better over 8-10 days & has been rock solid ever since???
I had bsod 4-5 times after install of IE7, 10 days ago & now all is well.I haven't cured this either.
I thought I was thinking daft!!

  zarobian 18:47 02 Dec 2006

Are you still using the Beta version of IE7. Microsoft has now released the full working version of IE7. I must admit I had few problems with Beta but then I was testing it. Now I have the full non beta version from Microsoft and no problem there.

Try uninstalling the Beta version if that is the case and then download a fresh copy from Mcrosoft site.

  wee eddie 19:34 02 Dec 2006

Downloaded 10 days ago or so, from the M$ Site.

The interesting thing is that it's now working perfectly.

  Mark10 10:56 03 Dec 2006

In reply to you ( and les2 ) I installed IE7 about 3 weeks ago and for the first few days my pc was a little jumpy. Since then it has settled in and is now perfect even though i didn't change anything! Strange?

  zarobian 16:42 03 Dec 2006

Glad you sorted it out.

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