IE7 problem?

  Pamy 17:02 04 Sep 2007

Hello everyone. For the past week or so, each time I close a web page Internet Explorer pops up a box to say that it has encountered an error and must close down. There is a facillty to send an error report to Microsoft, which I have done many times but nothing comes of it. It is annoying in so much as if I have gone to a link web page from this forum (Click here) then, when I close that page, up pops IE with its error and closes me down to my desktop. Anyone able to help get rid of this annoyance?

  Cuddles 17:03 04 Sep 2007

Try this click here

  Pamy 17:09 04 Sep 2007

Hi Cuddles, tried that and this is what I got...
Error loading setupwbv.dll
The specified module could not be found

  Technotiger 17:13 04 Sep 2007
  Technotiger 17:14 04 Sep 2007

Or - click here

  Technotiger 17:16 04 Sep 2007

Or even - click here

Good luck ...

  Pamy 17:25 04 Sep 2007

Hello Technotiger, looked at all those without success. The first one seems the best but I could not find Smart Tags Support. Any ideas where I mite find it?

  Technotiger 17:42 04 Sep 2007

If you cannot find Smart Tags, it probably means that you do not have Smart Tags, as I understand it Smart Tags was a Beta thing which I think Microsoft did not further develop in IE.

I would try the links in my third link above - can't promise, but you might strike lucky. Failing that, perhaps another forum member may be able to offer further suggestions.

  Pamy 21:06 04 Sep 2007

Tried all the links and even removed and downloaded IE7 again but problem slill remains. Perhaps it not IE7 but something else. Will leave open for a day or two, maybe someone will have come accross this and know the answer.

  Technotiger 21:35 04 Sep 2007

Hmm, perhaps if you adjust your Security settings in IE - a step lower??

  provider 2 22:51 04 Sep 2007

Seems as if this can be caused by a whole heap of things including Norton, but for a possible (but not guaranteed) quick fix have you tried Reset in the advanced section of IE 7?

Failing that, maybe start IE (no add-ons), then activate them one by one to find the possible culprit.

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