IE7 pro Add-On Trojan Detected by A Squared

  birdface 09:35 28 Aug 2009

Hi.Just reformatted last night and downloaded IE7 pro add on file to my documents.
Ran a scan with MalwareBytes and AVG and nothing was found.So I started to run it and A Squared popped up with Trojan Downloader.Win32.Zlob.bczg!A2 Warning with IE7 Pro.
Anyone else using IE7 Pro and a Squared having the same problem.
I believe it may be a false positive but can't take any chances.

  sunnystaines 11:02 28 Aug 2009

Its A2 being too invasive again.

  birdface 11:58 28 Aug 2009

Not sure I had it about 3 days ago before I reformatted and still had the same problem this time when trying to run it.Thats wat makes me think it might well be as it says.As they usually fix any false positives on the next update.Anyhow not going to chance running it till I find out for sure.

  provider 2 12:26 28 Aug 2009

Worth submitting to A-squared for analysis do you think ? click here

  birdface 13:03 28 Aug 2009

Twas a good idea.I submitting it to A-squared for analysis.
Just a matter of waiting to see what happens .Thanks.

  cocteau48 13:05 28 Aug 2009

Hi buteman
I do not use IE7 pro (do not really use IE) but as I do use A Squared and am getting thoroughly miffed with the number of false positives which it is throwing up these days I have just downloaded a copy of IE7 pro on to the desktop and scanned it with A Squared.
Sure enough your same Trojan is shown as being in the uninstalled .exe of the program.(now binned)

Under those circumstances I would very much suspect a FP - but worth drawing their attention to it as provider2 suggests.

  birdface 14:13 28 Aug 2009

Thank you for your help.I was begining to think I was the only one having the problem.It was very good of you to help out.And It was appreciated.
They seem to be throwing up a lot of false positives lately.This looks like another one.

  birdface 07:30 31 Aug 2009

Looks like another false positive today.

c:\windows\system32\migpwd.exe detected: Trace.File.!A2

You never know what to do if you delete it or quarantine it and later find out it is a false positive it will sometimes not reinstall which leeds to problems.

I will probably leave it for a few days and see if any more information is available for it.

So far no response to my other problem yet.

  rdave13 08:05 31 Aug 2009

I know you like a squared but these false positives aren't new to this program. It's the reason I ditched it long ago. Replaced it with SAS which is a better scanner I think.

  sunnystaines 09:40 31 Aug 2009

same opinion,

  birdface 09:56 31 Aug 2009

Thanks for the advice.I cannot comment on it as I have never used Superantispyware before.
I am not really sure it is a false positive but will wait and see.
It is not alone I get the odd false positives from AVG and Malwarebytes and I am sure there are other programs out there that do the same.
According to Google there are some programs that say it is Malware and have the same file name.
Just got the full version a few weeks ago and don't want to part with it already.So sort of stuck with it at the moment.

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