IE7 MSN News vid clips - nearly there!

  Technotiger 13:26 04 Feb 2007

Hi All,

My setup - XP Home (SP2), 2Gb RAM, 1.8GHz CPU, nVidia GeForce 6600 (PCIe 256Mb 64Bit), SoundBlaster Audigy2 5.1 (Woofer +5 Spkrs), Epson Stylus Photo R265, Epson Perfection 3940 Photo, Total Hard drive 560Gb, Safecom 4Port Wireless ADSL Modem Router with USB Print Server, Webcam & Mic, PSU 500W.

Running Firefox2 (latest update) and now IE7 just re-downloaded/installed.

I thought I had it sorted - video clips now start to play in IE7, but, then IE7 just shuts down without warning, no error message, during playing of first Ad, which always preceeds chosen News clip.

I have looked through IE7 Settings etc, but cannot find cause of IE7 shutdown.

Any suggestions greatfully received. TIA.

  anskyber 13:55 04 Feb 2007

Still thinking about the problem, so far without success. This site is very good for IE7 issues. (it's MS's own) and there is nothing obvious there but you may find something. click here

  Technotiger 14:22 04 Feb 2007

Had a very in-depth look at all the possibilities there, but still no change. The News clip videos start to play, but then IE7 just closes,
no error msg even.

  rawprawn 14:56 04 Feb 2007

Is it just the msn site, can you play the video here for example. click here
What about cookie settings? (Just grasping at straws)

  squillary 14:59 04 Feb 2007

This comes across like it's a conflict with something, but no idea what. If other people have it working, it works. The question is to find what's stopping it from working. I have no idea what MSN news video is, but could you imagine what would conflict?

  provider 2 15:01 04 Feb 2007

Have you looked in ie 7, Internet Options > Advanced tab > settings?

  Technotiger 15:27 04 Feb 2007

Sorry, been away. Rawprawn - that video from your link worked ok.

squillary - I think I have tried just about everything, still puzzled.

provider 2 - yes, checked all relevant options.


  provider 2 15:31 04 Feb 2007

Don`t suppose it could be MSN Toolbar related? I believe there is a new version?

  provider 2 15:42 04 Feb 2007

How about this?click here

  Technotiger 15:43 04 Feb 2007

MSN UK is my home page, everything else works fine. Can't understand why these video clips work ok in IE6, but just will not work in IE7.

  rawprawn 15:45 04 Feb 2007

Just for a test, change your home page to something else and then try again.

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