IE7 and mouse problem

  aitch2 14:09 08 Nov 2006

I downloaded IE7, 2 days ago and since then I am having a problem with the scroll action on the mouse(logitech cordless). I have checked the mouse settings (all OK) and made sure I have a single line/ single click scroll action selected. I do not have any conflicts, but when I am on the net if I scroll down a page, the page keeps jumping for several lines, from the position where I want it to be. The mouse works perfectly OK when using any other programmes etc. Has any body had the same problem? Any Cures or can I go back to IE6 if the problem is not cured?
Any help much appreciated,

  anskyber 14:17 08 Nov 2006

Try tools, internet options, advanced tab, check smooth scrolling.

  aitch2 15:21 08 Nov 2006

Thanks for that, but smooth scrolling already checked, problem still exists!

I downloaded IE7 onto my laptop at the same time and comparing the settings between the two computers, both are the same. No problems with the laptop in similar circumstances.

  anskyber 15:25 08 Nov 2006

The only other issue I has seen with IE7 and scrolling id your video driver. Do you know if you have the latest?

  anskyber 15:28 08 Nov 2006

I should have added check the Logitech site for updated mouse drivers. click here

  aitch2 15:44 08 Nov 2006

Thanks for the prompt response. Have checked the Logitech site and everything up to date and OK.

Have checked the video codecs via Device manager and all OK and up to date. Have been able to play audio and video through WMP,Quicktime. No problems with iTunes or video via Pinnacle.

  anskyber 16:01 08 Nov 2006

My last pitch at the problem. It seems some have had problems with Logitech mice (I do not by the way) and have UNINSTALLED the logitech drivers and used the Windows drivers to great effect. click here

  anskyber 16:02 08 Nov 2006

PS read towards the end where there are some happy people!

  aitch2 16:52 08 Nov 2006

Thanks for the help. Am going to try the other solutions. I am awaiting a reply from Logitech so will also see what they say. Your link looks promising so at least I know I wasn't the only one getting paranoid.

  aitch2 17:00 08 Nov 2006

And finally, problem now appears solved after following the link. Good on yer mate!

  Carafaraday 17:00 08 Nov 2006

I have exactly the same problem with my logitech wireless mouse on my (very old) 'spare' pc which I have just updated to IE7. I will watch this space to see whether and how you manage to solve the problem.
Incidentally how do you uninstall the drivers - just delete any file that says logitech? and then plug the mouse in again in the hope that XP says it has found new hardware?

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