I.E.7 and MBNA bank downloads

  ruskle 19:23 29 Mar 2006

I have 3 accounts with Natwest and can download data into MS Money without a problem. My only credit card is with MBNA and although I am supposed to be able to download statements I find I cannot. I have spoken to MBNA support team who tried very hard to solve my problem and seemed very knowledgable on Internet Explorer 6 but they wern't too sure about I.E. 7. and thought that maybe the problem. I never tried to download from MBNA until last week as I entered figures manually ( there wern't too many)but have been downloading from Natwest for many years, therefore I have no experience of MBNA downloads with I.E. 6. Has anyone any experience of MBNA and I.E 7. I can, by the way, read my statements on line, it's only downloading that is the problem. I can report back to MBNA if I get a positive answer.


  ACOLYTE 19:27 29 Mar 2006

I havent used IE7,so i cant help,but what i would be wary of is useing a BETA program to do my online banking,although it may be fairly safe there could still be bugs and loopholes that can open you up to exploit,after all it is still in the testing stage.

  ruskle 19:42 29 Mar 2006

That had crossed my mind but as it has the padlock icon I was giving it a go.


  tommagumpi 19:48 29 Mar 2006

IE7 has known gremlins in it and MS say the finished version should have ll the bugs removed, well thats nice of them to say that:-)

  ruskle 20:16 29 Mar 2006

Yes but I don't have a problem with downloading Natwest.


  ruskle 11:39 30 Mar 2006

I can't download using I.E.6 either so it seems like a problem at MBNA's end, so it's back to I.E 7 which I like very much and found it a bit odd going back to I.E.6.

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  pudgedaddy 16:47 05 May 2006

I am an MBNA tech and i know that you CANNOT download statements using IE 7, IE 6 however will work. With IE 6 in internet options, under the advanced tab, make sure that "do not save encrypted pages to disk" is NOT checked. The only exception is if you have downgraged from IE7 to IE6. Some of the IE7 settings may still be embedded in IE6, and may still have the same problems not matter if that option is checked or unchecked. If that, doesn't solve your problem, you will want to use another browser like firefox or netscape.

  ruskle 18:04 05 May 2006

Sorry pudgedaddy, I may have put it wrong, i can download MBNA with IE6, it's just that over all the years with them I have never tried as I don't use a credit card too often so I enter manually. When I tried with Firefox and couldn't I went back to IE6 and find it no problem.
I should have said I CANNOT download using IE7 but CAN with IE6. Sorry for the error. I didn't have a problem with NatWest, funny really.
Thanks again

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