IE7 - Is it worth it?

  EFC1878 12:13 07 Dec 2006

For a short while now IE7 upgrade has been listed in my priority windows updates but I am not sure whether I want to upgrade or not. Is it worth it?

  Technotiger 12:14 07 Dec 2006

Hi, yes it is worth it, provided that it works ok for you. For some people it has proved ok, but for others, myself included it has not - so I am still using IE6.

Good luck.

  woodchip 12:17 07 Dec 2006

It can be a disaster waiting to happen. But as above it may work strait out of the box. If IE6 works then it’s a risk you will have to take to upgrade to IE7

  Kate B 12:18 07 Dec 2006

It's a big improvement, though it's a little unfamiliar at first. However, it's not as good as Firefox 2.0, which I prefer.

  boots2 12:19 07 Dec 2006

Yes I now like it ,take the time to look at the tutorial , that helps.

  EFC1878 12:28 07 Dec 2006

Not really sure what to do.

I have BT broadband and have 'issues' in the past and I am loathe to chnage something that is not broke if you know what I mean. I have read various posts on the subject and wondering if there will be hassle ahead thta I may want to avoid.

  Kate B 12:34 07 Dec 2006

Try Firefox click here Much better and crucially, I think, more intuitive than IE7.

  EFC1878 12:43 07 Dec 2006


I have think you have just helped me to decide to stick with the one that works.


  Ex plorer 13:20 07 Dec 2006

I tried the upgrade to IE7, its no good for me as I use the eBay Toolbar. It cannot handle the eBay tool-bar and keeps closing any open tabs I had, or should I say eBay haven’t got their toolbar to work along side of IE7 as yet, but they say they are working on it.
eBay advised me to revert back to IE6, which I did and the problems ceased.

  MichelleC 13:32 07 Dec 2006

I thought it was great for a while, but now it's irritating me. I just got the 'ie has encountered a problem and needs to close' message. I lost 10 mins of form-filling. It's not the 1st time either. I'll try firefox and see.

  frappy 16:48 07 Dec 2006

Since installing IE7 I find it takes the PC longer to boot up, and also there is a definate slowness when clicking onto a link or accessing a favourite site. Any thoughts?

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