IE7 - How do I get tabs?

  Ben 216 18:50 28 Aug 2006

Hi, I'm running XP SP2 & upgraded to IE7 RC1 yesterday. I had a problem with a dll preventing explorer from running, but used firefox to install the dll and it works ok now.

I can see the option to open a tab, but it's greyed out. Is there a fix for this without re-installing?


  chub_tor 19:20 28 Aug 2006

Have you tried Tools Internet Options General Tabs Settings Enabel Tabbed Browsing?

  Ben 216 19:26 28 Aug 2006

Yes, I've disabled, restarted IE, enabled & restarted IE, but it's still greyed out.

  Ben 216 20:02 28 Aug 2006

I think this might be another problem from the installation, but I don't want to re-install incase anything else goes wrong, preventing me from using my PC again. Had I not already got firefox installed I think I'd be reformatting about now!

  anskyber 20:13 28 Aug 2006

Its actually in add /remove programs to get rid if you wish and it will go back to IE6. I did a reinstall and all is well with me.

  anskyber 20:21 28 Aug 2006

PS on install it's important that you disable anti virus and anti spyware.

  Ben 216 20:33 28 Aug 2006

I had AV etc. disabled, so I don't know what went wrong. It's not causing me a problem so I'll just browse without tabs for the moment. I just thought there might have been something I've missed.

  anskyber 21:16 28 Aug 2006

I know this is a silly question but did you do the download direct from microsoft or a different source?

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