IE7 Favourites

  Declanworld 08:20 12 Feb 2008

I've had to install IE7(from IE6) as XP SP3 caused crashes. IE6 automatically closes one Favourites folder when another is opened. Anyone know how to do this in IE7?

  Graham. 08:41 12 Feb 2008

In IE7 you open a new tab.

  Declanworld 09:00 12 Feb 2008

I'm sorry but that doesn't answer my question.

  Graham. 09:06 12 Feb 2008

If I click on a Favorite, the browser goes to that site, meaning the previous page is closed, whether a Favorite or not. Or do I not understand the question?

  feb 09:21 12 Feb 2008

Open IE properties > Advanced, then click "Close unused folders in History and Favorites" restart IE.

  Declanworld 17:51 12 Feb 2008

Sorry Graham, I was referring to what happens when I click on a folder of favourites - not on a specific favourite.

  Declanworld 17:52 12 Feb 2008

Many thanks - that's perfect. Beats me why that's not the default setting.

  anskyber 18:03 12 Feb 2008

Do you know what, that very thing has annoyed me for long enough!


  Graham. 19:46 12 Feb 2008

In File, Properties, I don't have Advanced :-(
Am I taking the wrong route?

Graham try
tools>internet options>advanced?

  Graham. 00:27 13 Feb 2008

Thanks, now I can see it. The option was already ticked, so it is the default.

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