ie7 favorite icons

  Abi-Moore 20:03 18 Jul 2007

hi in bookmarks firefox i get the sites icon ie pca but in ie7 i get the ie icon (e)

How do i enable this in ie7 (when adding future favorites+change the current ie7 favorites)
hope that makes sense?

  skidzy 20:31 18 Jul 2007

Abi i understand what you mean,i dont think its possible...ive just had a play around and could not get it to work,you can rename the favourite if thats any help.

  VoG II 20:39 18 Jul 2007

You could try FavOrg click here but I'm not sure it will do what you want.

  Abi-Moore 20:53 18 Jul 2007

mm dont know,tried vogs link couldnt change the icons but the bookmarks i imported from firefox have the correct icon relating to the site in ie 7,so it sort of works ? it just seems to be sites added to faves n ie7

  Graham. 20:54 18 Jul 2007

Some icons appear, some don't. Put this in Favorites click here, you should get a paw.

  Abi-Moore 21:00 18 Jul 2007

yep get the paw must be a favicon?
it must be a setting that cant be changed but uses the firefox import on the other icons in my faves

  Graham. 22:59 18 Jul 2007

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