IE7 Crashes since Dec - what's best to do?

  Rockarch 09:48 02 Jan 2008

My previously stable IE7 on XPHome started crashing at random times from about mid Dec.It can be fine for hours and then mid browse just closes and I get the MS message to send an error report and then also a Dr Watson debugger message to also send an error report.
The MS error report is an error in iexplore.exe but I don't know what the Dr Watson thing is.

I've got the latest Norton & have done a full system scan - nothing. I've got Windows Update on automatic and have all the latest updates except Windows Genuine Notification thingy.To my knowledge I havn't downloaded anything that might cause this so I'm baffled.

I've had a look at various previous threads & solutions and am looking for some advice/clarification for the best approach.
Options seem to be:
1. Disable all add-ons and then gradually add back in. Does this mean that I need to disable both those currently in use and those ever used?
2. Reset IE7 to the default state which means I will lose all my customisations.
3. Uninstall IE7 and then reinstall. Dummy question - if I uninstall IE7 does XP revert to IE6 or do I use Firefox to download IE7 again?
4. Just use Firefox - I do use it but need IE as well.

Would it help to find the error log and post it?

This is really driving me nuts because usually I'm in the middle of something with 5 or 6 tabs open doing some research & the whole thing just stops.
As always thanks in advance for the help

  johnnyrocker 10:16 02 Jan 2008

1 those currently used
2 a possibility
3 it will revert to 6
4 no suggestion.

despite customisations etc i would suggest uninstall re install as a poss solution to your problems,


  Rockarch 10:24 02 Jan 2008

Thanks for the suggestions.
I have so far disabled all the currently used addons to see what happens but the random nature of the crashes means I might have to wait all day to see if this sorts it out!

  birdface 10:35 02 Jan 2008

There was a bad Security up-date from Microsoft on the 12th of last month that had Internet Explorer shutting down.If you check back till after the 12th you may find the Fix that Microsoft had to hurry through.It could be your Add-Ons .You are not using Kaspersky are you there have been problems with that lately.

  birdface 10:42 02 Jan 2008

Oops just noticed that you have the latest Norton If it also has the Firewall with it check that it allows I/E to run.Last solution if nothing else works would be to uninsall Norton ,Run Norton removal tool,Then run C Cleaner,Then reinstall Norton.Just something to think about. Norton can be a bit Iffy if not configured properly.

  interzone55 10:42 02 Jan 2008

I seem to remember that the IE7 crashes were due to a windows hotfix, in most cases removing this will solve the probelms.
The trouble is I can't for the life of me remember where I read about this.

My suggestion would be to go with No 4. Firefox is a far better browser than IE7. You mention that you NEED IE7, why is this? If it's down to a particular site only running in IE you could get the IE Tab add-in for Firefox that uses the IE rendering engine within Firefox so that any badly coded pages will work.

  Rockarch 10:51 02 Jan 2008

Thanks for the help - I also remember reading something about a windows hotfix being the problem - does anyone know which one it was?
This problem started overnight which makes me suspicious .....

I'm not running Kaspersky so that discounts that one. These problems predate my installing Norton 2008 AV so I don't think its that. I did some housekeeping & CClean cleanup recently.

  Rockarch 11:13 02 Jan 2008

Can I ask another dummy question?

I've been back into Windows Update & looked at all the hotfixes & downloads since November. I thought that if I wanted to remove them I could do it via add/remove programs in Control Panel but they arn't there. Is there somewhere else to find them?


  iscanut 11:22 02 Jan 2008

Have you ticked the box in Add/Remove programs..... " Show updates" ?

  Rockarch 11:24 02 Jan 2008

Have now!!!
Thanks Nuts

  Rockarch 11:36 02 Jan 2008

I think I've found the MS download which caused the problem - KB942615 - Security Update for IE. Googling this shows many had a crashing problem after this from 12 Dec - solved by uninstalling the update which is what I'm about to do!

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