IE7 crashes 0xc00000005

  awest3 18:13 16 Nov 2007

IE7 has started to crash, usually after I've been working a while. Thought it was some new memory I'd recently added but after testing it and then taking it out it still happens. Its never in the same page so there does not seem to be a particular thing that i'm doing. On the advice of Crucial I updated the BIOS and a few other peices of software but to no avail. I run a Dell dimension 5000, XP SP2 I also have Norton internet suite (but I've had that for sometime and not had this sort of problem). Any sort of solutions I've found seem to have specific on shutdown or startup or using a particular website..mine just happens at anytime..but only IE7, nothing else fails..

any help, as usual gratefully received.


  Kingfisher 18:55 16 Nov 2007

Have googled thisclick here=
it may help good luck

  awest3 19:10 16 Nov 2007

Hi Kingfisher,

Thanks for this...I did try this but they all seem to point to an initialisation does the error msg...but I've usually been running for at least 20 mins and sometime for 5 hours before it happens...seems no ryme or reason..


  Kingfisher 19:16 16 Nov 2007

this link suggests it could be memory incompatability click here

  awest3 19:26 16 Nov 2007

Dont know if I'm doing something wrong but when I try to click on "click here" the lettering turns black and does not take me anywhere..

Anyway..this agin was my first thought from the error...but I've tested all the memory chips with "memtest", I've taken out the old memory (2x512) in case it was a conflict with the new memory..still the same and I've taken out the new memory (2x1gig)..still the the moment I'm running just on the 2 512 chips....

thanks again...


  Kingfisher 19:41 16 Nov 2007

it was the first link on the original google called technobabble problem

  awest3 16:09 18 Nov 2007

on reading a few other techie thoughts there is a suggestion that this is caused by IE add ons. so I've disabled all of them and lo and behold no failures so far...I'm re-introducing them one at a time to see if I can find the baddy..


  awest3 14:18 27 Nov 2007

Well it seems that it is indeed an add-on causing my problems..I'd disabled them all then added in those as they were called for..I've not goyt all through this process yet but needed to enable them all again whilst trying to deal with another problem...lo and behold starting getting the error again...when I've got over this problem with AVG and Acronis (I've set up another thread for this) I'll go back to disabling them all and adding in 1 at a time...


  birdface 15:58 27 Nov 2007

If that fails ,Try Tools. Internet Options.Advanced,And press reset.Now you will loose all your add-ons that way but you can soon get them up and running again it takes IE7 back to the original state it was when you downloaded it.Worth a try if nothing else works.

  awest3 16:48 27 Nov 2007

Thanks Buteman, I've done a reset...I'll load any required addons as and when required...should be fun...


  Coffee Adict 16:58 27 Nov 2007

I found my new Lexmark printer tool bar add on caused IE7 to close saying it had encountered a problem, after uninstalling have not had a problem since.

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