IE7 anti-phishing filter

  Flak999 19:35 22 Oct 2006

Hi has anyone noticed that if you leave the anti phishing filter left on auto in IE7 it slows down web page loading quite considerably?

  VoG II 19:38 22 Oct 2006

I can't notice any difference whether it is turned on or off.

  Alan2 22:42 22 Oct 2006

I had the same problem so turned it off.

  anskyber 23:04 22 Oct 2006

If you have the status bar enabled then you will see the anti phishing facility at work. I have experienced a small but insignificant change in speed. I have also had one phishing warning.

Overall worth the limited extra wait.

  birdface 23:19 22 Oct 2006

my computer is actually running faster.since i downloaded IE7,And thats with phishing filter turned on.

  terryf 01:26 23 Oct 2006

buteman, how does loading compare with FF with the fasterfox extension?

  dave726587 01:43 23 Oct 2006

what does this filterhing even do?

  birdface 09:13 23 Oct 2006

Sorry can't help you there,Have only ever used IE. What i can say is ,When using the beta version of IE.With the phishing filter on, it was so slow you had to switch it off, With the final version its so quick you don't even know its on,

  Flak999 12:13 23 Oct 2006

I cant agree with you there. I have timed the loading of a web page with the filter on and off and there is a definite difference in speed of loading with it switched on! I have quite a fast system, amd athlon fx55 cpu, 1gb of ram, twin 6800 gt graphics cards in sli mode. So I would not have thought that it is my system spec that is slowing things here.

  terryf 12:33 23 Oct 2006

As an experiment, would you consider using FF with the fasterfox extension because I am undecided whether to use a beta IE7?

  birdface 12:38 23 Oct 2006

Well, Can honestly say,I have not tried it with the filter switched off,It is working so well with it on why change it,Mind you my computer is about 4 year old,Dont know the spec of it.So cant compare,On the beta , It was so slow that i had to turn filer off,This one , No problem,

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