old,slow &stupid 19:30 01 Sep 2006

Computer runs Windows 98. No problem. Stupidly decided to use Windows Update.Now find that Internet Explorer will let me access Google, go to a site and then comes up with the message.'
Internet Explorer Error. This program will close. Makes shutting down the pc very difficult. Variety of fault errors are
MSVCRT :DLL at 01671 7B0154a7
KERNEL 32 at 167:bff9dfff
MSHTML:DLL at 167:6371182a

The error screen comes up as the pop-ups come up so I reckon the DLL has something to with this.
I can't do system restore as I'm on Windows 98, so I desperately need you clever guys to put me straight. I'm not a whiz at this so please keep instructions full but simple. Thanks

  Jackcoms 20:45 01 Sep 2006

"Stupidly decided to use Windows Update"

So what was updated?

I thought that MS had stopped supporting Win 98, through Windows Update, some years ago.

  sil_ver 20:50 01 Sep 2006

You might try this. Have your W98 CD ready.

Click on Start/programs/accessories/system tools/ can't remember what the next bit is maybe system info. You want to be looking for 'System File Checker'. Start it and let it do its thing, hopefully if there is a problem it will try to fix it.

  VoG II 20:53 01 Sep 2006

Repair IE click here

  old,slow &stupid 23:06 02 Sep 2006

Thanks VoG.
I followed the instructions, very easy and clear. Unfortunately it didn't work. I tried several times and made sure that that the computer re-started as per instructions. Stll get the same error message telling me that 'IE has performed an illegal action and this program will close'. However if I click on the slider bars at the right of the screen rather than on 'close' I can then access the site I want.
Any deeper thoughts?

  Stuartli 23:23 02 Sep 2006

There is, in fact, a "system restore" in Windows 98 and 98SE - it saved my bacon a number of times.

Restart your system in MS-DOS and then type in:


Choose the most suitable of the five choices.

You can increase the number of Registry backups from something on the lines of "MaxBackUp", but I can't remember the exact point in the Registry offhand.

  Stuartli 23:27 02 Sep 2006

Note there is a space before the forward slash in scanreg /restore (sorry about that, memory failing)..:-)

See section 4 in this MS web page:

click here

  Stuartli 23:29 02 Sep 2006

If you have Windows 98SE the best way to fully update it is to install the Unofficial Windows 98SE Service Pack from:

click here

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