IE6 - Saving picture files

  MalcolmC 13:58 11 May 2003

I've recently upgraded to Windows 2000 professional from ME which had become rather slow. My PC supplier sent an OEM version of the OS which seems rather old. It appears to have 'upgraded' my IE6 to the old version 5. I have reloaded IE6 but now find that if I want to save an image or photograph from a website I can only do so as a bitmap. There are no options to save as .jpeg or .gif. I've mentioned this to colleagues at work and while they have experienced the same problem the only advice they can give is that it will 'probably go away' - unfortunately my problem has already lasted over four weeks and shows no sign of going away. I suspect that there may be some setting that has changed, either in IE or some other area of the Windows 2000 OS. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so did you find a solution. Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Malcolm Craik

  jazzypop 14:02 11 May 2003
  MalcolmC 14:57 11 May 2003

Thanks Jazzypop!

Problem was the Temporary Internet Files. It seems that Windows 2000 has found files from back in the days of IE3 and amalgamated them into a new temp int file system - I found files dating from back in 1997 that I thought had been deleted. MS never fails to amaze me!

Once again thanks for your help - I'll not have to rely on ThumbsPlus to convert my images anymore!

Malcolm Craik

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