IE6 or IE8?

  frenchman96 19:21 09 Jul 2010

What is the popular consensus between 6 and 8 ?

Should I uninstall ie6 before installing IE8

  birdface 19:26 09 Jul 2010

I would go in between and download IE7.
I have always found IE8 slowish to open.
You try Firefox and it is twice as quick to open.
So either IE7 or Firefox in my opinion.

  Woolwell 20:08 09 Jul 2010

To confuse the issue Opera is faster than Firefox.

Back to the original post - Go for IE8 it is more secure and a better browser. I have never bothered to uninstall when moving from IE versions and have not had any problems.

  onthelimit 20:28 09 Jul 2010

And then of course, there is Chrome!

  Ian in Northampton 20:50 09 Jul 2010

I'm definitely with onthelimit - could never get on with IE8. I love Chrome. (But keep IE installed for the few sites that don't work properly with Chrome.)

  frenchman96 10:47 10 Jul 2010

Hear what you say, Crome being an upgrade of Google Mail is it? or is it a browser on its own.

  Belatucadrus 11:47 10 Jul 2010

Google Chrome click here is a browser and it's fast, but also very Spartan, so not to everybodies taste.
You could also check out :-
K-Meleon click here
Safari click here
SeaMonkey click here
Lunascape click here
The World click here

  frenchman96 12:00 10 Jul 2010

Thanks for that, I have installed IE8 AND CROME WHICH DOES LOOK GOOD

  provider 2 12:04 10 Jul 2010

Perhaps worth mentioning even Ms now considers IE 6 to be a major security risk.

Suggest you give IE 8 a try. It should install ok over IE 6 but give it plenty of time ... I don`t think it`s possible to uninstall IE 6 anyway, being part of the OS.

Had to get rid of Goolgle Toolbar, though, which slowed IE 8 loading time and I don`t think Google is in much of a hurry to fix it.

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