IE6 not compatible with Microsoft Greetings 99

  p chelp 15:28 20 Feb 2003

I run Windows 98SE and IE6. I cannot use the E-mail Projects in Greetings 99.I get an Error message 'missing file'.
I understand that there was a problem with IE5 Beta 2 and Greetings 99. but I can find no mention of problems with IE6 on the Mictrosoft Web Site.
Does anyone have a solution?.

Biggles B

  jazzypop 15:56 20 Feb 2003

Does the error message not identify which file is missing?

  jazzypop 15:48 22 Feb 2003

Received by email..."The Error Message says 'Sorry, this process can't be completed. A component is missing. To locate the missing piece, close all open programs, restart your computer, & then run Set up again' I have tried this, but it does not clear the error message."

As a general point, it is more helpful to you if you reply using the message box at the bottom of the screen, rather than by using the email envelope icon. That way, everyone can see the progress of the thread, and contribute as they see fit.

Thanks for the additional information - unfortunately, in this case it didn't help very much :(

The only suggestion that I could find, after a considerable amount of digging, was a suggestion to save the card then attach it to an email, rather than email the card from within the program.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful - perhaps someone else on the Forum has found a way round this? At least by posting to the Forum, your thread will be bumped to the top of the page, and may attract the attention of someone with the answer.

  BrianW 17:03 22 Feb 2003

I have just completed this operation (for the first time - didn't know you could do it!). I keep my created cards in a folder under My Computer\Cards. So, opened the card folder and then the card. Clicked on the send option and selected the send using outlook express option. It then gives you a chance to see how it will look (and even tells you how long it will take to send on a 56kb modem). Followed the instructions to send the card. It then was sent (to my post box). When I received it it said that it couldn't display unless I downloaded an .exe file (can't remember the title), said yes, it downloaded then opened the card. I'm using the latest version of IE6 an have a bog standard version of yhe Greetings 99 prog. Maybe the secret is to save the card first? Hope this helps, Brian

  BrianW 17:04 22 Feb 2003

Sorry - meant to say, "as jazzypop suggested" with regards to saving the card - a good clue that jazzypop.

  p chelp 15:22 25 Feb 2003

The error message appears when I selected to use the E-mail project section of Greetings, therefore I cannot create a card to Save.
In Microsoft Knowledge Base. Articles 193934 & 194456. this very same problem is covered for IE5 Beta2 and Greetings 99. The solution suggested was to remove IE5 Beta2 and install the previous version. So I wonder if this same problem exist with IE6 ?

  BrianW 19:42 25 Feb 2003

Don't know, but if you create your cards from scratch as a new project, then save to a normal file first, as jazzypop & I have tried, you can get round the problem.

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