IE6 - HTTP 404 Error - Page Not Found

  SJP 23:19 24 Mar 2003

I am unable to open certain web pages and usually end up with the above error, sometimes I get "Cannot find server or DNS Error
Internet Explorer" messages. I have checked the security settings, made them trusted sites, but still cannot access them
HELP 00:34 25 Mar 2003

that you are typing in the exactly correct address, and that the page actually exists? I know this is basic but a single typo, or missed "/" will cause this error.

  rins36 00:41 25 Mar 2003

I have had the same problem eventhough the address has been taken from 'favourites'

  Sketch 00:43 25 Mar 2003


Its a gem.

Do you try to load pages..... and it sits there for a while and then seems to give up?

If so its could simply be a busy server, or ISP.

However, if this is happening with every site that you try to visit then you may indeed have some internal issues to iron out. At which point I'll have to hand you over to some other, far brighter spark on this board. :-P


  SJP 12:05 25 Mar 2003

Firstly, thanks for all the replies.

Sketch, Yes it takes ages to load, and maybe its "timing out".

Barryoneoff, tried all permutations of spellings/punctuation marks etc, can access from my works PC (via LAN connection).
It only happens with certain sites.
Driving me crazy!!!!!!

  JoeC 12:20 25 Mar 2003

About halfway down - under cannot display page ( Server or DNS error )to see if anything can help.

click here

  vinnyo123 04:35 28 Mar 2003

how many pcs 'on lan=It looks like you said it works on one pc but not the other .how is your lan connected ? maybe you lost physical connection (use ping).domain name system error.

  SJP 15:20 29 Mar 2003

Joe C,

Thanks for your help, problem fixed by putting # at the start of entries in the c:\windows\hosts file (open using notepad)as per the advice in your link.
You have helped to solve a 9 month bugging problem


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