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  Embezzler 10:08 05 Mar 2003

Recently i've noticed that when i open a music, video or picture file the IE browser displays the location from where it was opened. Is there a way of stopping this?

  MAJ 10:31 05 Mar 2003

Why are you opening those files with IE, Embezzler?

  leo49 10:58 05 Mar 2003

Don't use it, but just experimented after reading your post, and I think this could be concerned with the mickey-mouse Media Bar in IE6. Take a look at 'Media Bar' in the contents of the IE6 Help files.


  Embezzler 12:43 05 Mar 2003

MAJ & leo49, i don't use IE6 to open my files but it displays that i have double clicked on, lets say one of my Microsoft Word files. It tell you the location like this: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Dhanoa/My%20Documents/CV1.doc

I believe this is a privacy concern?

  MAJ 13:33 05 Mar 2003

I'm slightly confused, Embezzler, I appologise. Do you mean Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer?

  leo49 13:40 05 Mar 2003

I'm thinking along the same lines.

Embezzler- perhaps you mean the address bar in Explorer which you can turn off via View/Toolbars.


  Embezzler 14:25 05 Mar 2003

Sorry that's my fault for not making it clear.

I meant the Address Bar in the Internet Explorer. For example, say if i opened up My Computer --> C:\ and then any file no matter what type it is and then open up IE and check the drop down Address menu bar it shows what file i opened. Basically, it displays the location like file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Dhanoa/My%20Documents/CV1.doc

I hope you understand? :)

  leo49 15:37 05 Mar 2003

Just tried to replicate this but I can't seem to manage it. Are you using XP? However,this opened files info is all stored in various MRU[Most Recently Used]locations in the registry and is designed,according to MS, to make life easier for the user.

It is possible to delete these directly from the registry but there are a couple of free tools which will do the job.MRUBlaster and Spybot[the latter is primarily for cookies/spyware but also clears some of these lists].

click here

click here


  MAJ 15:40 05 Mar 2003

Ahhh I think I know what you mean now, Embezzler. Do you have your home page set as "Blank", if so set it to a web page, this one or Google for example. To do that, go to IE > Tools > Internet Options > General tab and press the "Use Current" button.

  MAJ 15:41 05 Mar 2003

Sorry leo49, We were typing at the same time.

  leo49 15:42 05 Mar 2003

Don't be sorry - I'm groping around trying to get to the bottom of it!

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