IE6 hangs when clicking on any link

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 21:10 17 Jan 2006

This is a weird one that I have never come across before. I am using a PC with XP Pro & SP2.

I start Internet Explorer and this goes to my home page (click here). I then go to another web page (such as click here). If I wait for the progress bar along the bottom of the window to complete then click on a link the new page gets loaded correctly. However, if I click on a link before the progress bar has finished IE hangs. Along the bottom of the window it says that the new page is opening, but no new progress bar appears and I have to close IE down and restart it. I have tested this with loads of different sites and I always get the same thing.

I have tried reinstalling IE from Add/Remove programs, running sfc /scannow, and running Norton Windoctor. I have also run a full virus scan and other programs such as AdAware and Spybot, but no viruses or malware is found.

I have also tried going back in time using System Restore but it would appear that I have never turned this on so there is nothing for me to go back to.

  VoG II 21:11 17 Jan 2006
  eqskey 21:15 17 Jan 2006

Where do you get IE from to re-install it?
It won't have all the updates on it~or does it!

I removed IE by going to Add / Remove programs then clicked on Windows Components, removed the tick from Internet Explorer and clicked Next. I then rebooted and did the same again to pick up Internet Explorer again.

The system is totally up-to-date with all service packs and updates. I assume that these are still relevant. Is that wrong?

I forgot to add that I have also tried clearing the cache, deleting all cookies and clearing the history. I have also moved the Temporary Internet Files to a different disk. None of these things made any difference.

I have tried Vog's and eqskey's suggestions and neither has had any affect on this. I ran all the way through the Q281679 sheet from Microsoft and everything was how it should be. I then downloaded a program called IEFix from Microsoft's web site and ran this which reinstalled IE. The same problem still occurs.

If a page is downloading and I click on a link when a picture has half appeared, nothing more of the picture is downloaded. It's as if the link has been suspended. All I can do is close the IE window and open another one.

It's very frustrating having to wait for an entire page to load before you can click on any link.

Does anybody have any other ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance

I forgot to add that I have tried a full virus scan with no viruses found. I am using Norton, which I have done for years.

I have also tried AdAware, SpyBot, SpywareBlaster and Microsoft AntiSpyware. These have all been updated and nothing has been found.

I now have a friend who is getting exactly the same thing happen. He is totally up-to-date with the AV software and has run all scans without anything being found.

He has been accessing the internet so this must be a virus of some sort, right? I haven't sent him any emails so I don't believe that it has been passed on from me. He hasn't applied any updates from microsoft during the last few days and says that he has applied all updates previously.

Anybody else getting the same?


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