IE6 Download setup problem

  Edith 11:52 02 Sep 2003

I have been on before and had many useful tips but nothing has worked hence my second request for help. I have downloaded ie6 from critical updates but it will mot install on to my computer running ME. MS help site suggested I stop running all background programmes but that has not worked. Tried deleting the ie6 folder so I can try again but that does work. Thinking about upgrading to XP as I understand that comes with ie6 but does anyone know if that will solve the problem as not wanting to waste my cash.

  john-232317 12:39 02 Sep 2003

Try installing IE 6 from a magazine disc.

  Edith 14:15 02 Sep 2003

dadyassa thank you for your response but that was one of the first things I tried. I still get a message that their is an ie6 copy waitng to be installed so I am being stopped from using a disc. Hence why I am considering the expensive option to upgrade to XP.

  Stuartli 14:19 02 Sep 2003

Are you continuing the download after you have completed and activated the short setup program?

IE6 is a pretty big download and you might not have realised the setup is only the start...:-)

  Edith 14:27 02 Sep 2003

Stuartli - Not sure I follow. After downloading ie6 from critical updates I "click" to install programme to disc and it gets as far as 91% and then issues a message to the effect that it is unable to continue with the set up proceedure and suggests I try again which I have on far too many occassions to recall. I am also unable to down load a programm called "macromedia shockwave" from the BBc website so I suspect there is something amiss with my PC software somewhere but am unable to identify. Could you clarify your comments about "continuing to download" in case I am doing something wrong.

  Edith 15:48 05 Sep 2003

To every one who responded I solved the problem by going to the programme folder and then the internet explore folder. I then created a new folder and moved the uninstall files to the new folder and then run ie6setup again and it worked. Yippe.

  john-232317 16:10 05 Sep 2003

Wot a clever girl you are, well done, glad you got it sorted..;-)

  john-232317 16:12 05 Sep 2003

ooops dont forget to tick the box and click resolved....;-)

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