IE6 Address Bar Problem

  timke 13:24 21 Oct 2004

Somehow I have contrived to "lose" the address bar on IE6.I am running XP Pro.Any help in simple language would be appreciated.

  JoeC 13:35 21 Oct 2004

right clicking on an empty part of the top bar and putting a tick in Address Bar

  mgmcc 13:36 21 Oct 2004

In the Menus, "View > Toolbars > Address bar".

  timke 10:49 22 Oct 2004

Have tried both ideas,but with no result.The system will not allow a new download & installation,telling me that there is already a more recent programme already installed.

  MAJ 11:11 22 Oct 2004

The address bar is probably still there, timke, it has just been moved. Right-click on the top toolbars and untick the "Lock the Toolbars" option (it will probably be unticked at the moment anyway). Then look around the toolbars for the word "Address", (it will have a couple of little chevron arrows beside it). If you see it, click and drag it down and your address bar should re-appear. Now right-click on the toolbars again and tick the option to lock the toolbars, that will stop it happening again.

  Stuartli 13:15 22 Oct 2004

Also try pressing F11.

  timke 07:32 23 Oct 2004

Pressing F11 simply expands the window to fill the screen area.
As you suggested Maj,the lock toolbars option was unchecked.I am unable to find any sign of the word "address",with or without chevrons.
Luckily I am in no desperate need of a result as I use Opera as my default browser.
Thanks for the suggestions.

  temp003 07:51 23 Oct 2004

See if this works click here

  Stuartli 09:22 23 Oct 2004

I'm well aware of that. But it does hide the address bar.....

  joseph K 09:31 23 Oct 2004

As you are being told that your browser is somehow newer than the latest(?) download, and as nothing else has worked, I think that you should be able to solve this with a simple uninstall/install.

  Stuartli 14:57 23 Oct 2004

Just remembered that if you Unlock the Toolbar, you can drag various parts of it around and up and down - this once "rediscovered" the Address Bar for me on a friend's system. She had also "lost" the address bar even though it was checked.

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