ie5 scrolling problem

  Newuser4045 22:12 24 Mar 2003

Over the last week I have noticed a problem when on the web. When I use the scroll up/down arrows or the scroll wheel on the mouse the page does not scroll up or down in the usual smooth manner.
It is now much slower and disjointed (for a few seconds). Also it does not seem to do it on all web pages. I have looked at the file size on the properties tab to see if it was only with larger pages, but this does not seem to be the case.
My system is a 3 year old Dell P3 500, 192 Ram,13.6Gb HD,32 Mb Nvidia tnt Graphics card with last driver update last year,OP System Win 98se. The hard drive was reformatted by myself approx. 2 month ago and the system set as usual. No new hardware installed recently. The only new software before the problem - Sim City 4 around 1 month ago. I checked the MS site yesterday and installed ie5.01 Service Pack 2 but this did not help.
Well you good folks, any ideas appreciated.

  Daniel-242372 11:22 27 Mar 2003

sounds like you mouse is dirty, overused, or buggered.


the internet explorer is not setup properly,
i had this problem once but this was only because the sites didn't actually have a scroll bar on the side even though the page was bigger than normal.
im sure i cured this problem by playing around with the internet options so it would put the side scroll bar in at all times

  colrob 00:58 29 Mar 2003

Hi Gillberg,
thanks for your 2 comments. I don't think it is the mouse. Problem only with ie5. ie5 setup should be ok - Ihave had a look and no obvious changes. This scrolling problem is happening with sites that I usually visit, some on a daily basis.
On thinking back around 2 weeks ago i had one instance whilst on the internet where the pc restarted ( the way it does after installing a program).I have checked for an unwanted program or dialler - cont-alt-del, ad-aware etc but nothing unusual found. Virus checker states system ok.
Thanks anyway.

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