IE5 Problem

  crobar 14:39 21 Mar 2003

W95, IE5 but updates installed that probably take it close to version 5.5

Searched the thread archives for a solution but to no avail.

Sorry guys, this is legacy territory! Internet Explorer5 works OK except that trying to search from the address bar - even typing just one letter - causes the program to stop. A long error message gives loads of unfathomable (to me) details but, perhaps significantly, implicates WININET.DLL The program then closes. Oh, by the way, running the repair utility from the Add/Remove in Control Panel did not work.

Feeling smug - although reluctant - I decided to re-install IE5 from the installation CD. This has cured previous IE problems and I expected it would do so again.

Problem now is that a message comes back stating that a later version has been detected and set-up closes.

Donloading a new copy of IE5.5 from the MS site would take too long with my DUN I think.

Any alternatives or work-around or have I misssed anything? Any suggestions please?


  BurrWalnut 14:46 21 Mar 2003

It won't cure your problem but why don't you download IE6. It won't take too long, in the past I've gone from 4 to 5.5 and now 6 all via a dial-up line.

Good luck

  crobar 15:04 21 Mar 2003

Hi Woody

If only it were that easy! W95, 32 meg RAM, with a 166 Mhz Pentium MMX (how old are they!) and a 4.3 gig HDD just isn't man enough for the job. Boo hoo. (checked recently in PCA Helproom and directed to MS technical page for IE6 for confirmation)

Frustratingly I've got the CD for IE5 and IE6 but not IE5.5.

What's the download time for a 33kbs modem - I told you this was legacy territory!

I'll be glad when this old bone-shaker is put out to grass when I get myself a nice new portable (over the pond when touring in the USA)

But for now I've got to keep replacing the rubber band whenever it breaks.

Hope someone can help?


  Megatyte 15:10 21 Mar 2003

If you've got the IE6 CD then install that.


  crobar 15:25 21 Mar 2003

According to Microsoft, the spec of my computer is well below that needed for IE6 - a 233 MHz processor is needed for starters and at least 64 MB RAM.

It's IE5.5 or another browser that's needed if the download is too big. Or I'll have to uninstall IE totally (can you?) and re-install IE5 from the CD - yuk what a job!

Or - hopefully - something simpler.


  VoG™ 15:31 21 Mar 2003

Probably easiest to wipe it completely click here and start again.

  Megatyte 15:41 21 Mar 2003

Got IE6 on a P166 non MMX (128 RAM)and no probs. I've also installed it on similar but 48 RAM without any problems.


  crobar 17:28 21 Mar 2003

Thanks VoG - got it downloaded, ready for off.

I suppose I could just TRY IE6 in case it will work OK on my ancient system?

It looks like my processor will be OK (as for Megatyte - thanks for this info) but I've only got a smidgin of RAM. Any suggestions how that might affect performance?

I'm not really an experimenter and I don't want to end up with loads of messing about, and the restoration of settings etc.

If I dump IE, what about Netscape or Opera? Any thoughts, anyone?

Thanks to all for contributions thus far.


  VoG™ 18:15 21 Mar 2003

Opera should be OK click here

  crobar 22:31 27 Mar 2003

Thanks to all for the suggestions here - Opera could be an alternative but is too big to download with DUN at 33.3

For the moment I'm limping along but when things get too bad I'll bite the bullet, wipe-out and start afresh. I'm not looking forward to it one bit...


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