IE wont open when connected to unsecured WIFI

  johnanthony 08:45 09 Mar 2008

Here is a brain teaser and I can't fathom it. A friend has a new Fujitsu laptop wifi enabled. We live in Spain where local town hall provides FREE access to the internet via wifi.

When we access this connection we cannot open a web page in IE, HOWEVER, we can send and receive emails via Outlook.

When we connect my friends machine to a Secured wifi connection that we have the key for, IE opens no problem.

We have tried two unsecured wifi connections with the same result.

The machine is runnng VISTA and I suspect this is the problem.

Any ideas please.

Confused John of Spain

  €dstowe 09:38 09 Mar 2008

Have you tried another browser, Firefox for instance?

  dms05 09:52 09 Mar 2008

Does the Ayuntimiento publish instrucciones?

In any case it sounds a totally insecure system and I'd be very careful when using it. WEP and WPA are used for a very good reason.

  johnanthony 15:33 09 Mar 2008

Thank you dms05
Good question, pero no se, but what would they say. One is either connected or disconnected. We are connected but the web page won't open. Emails work.

Yes of course its insecure, but for our friend who is in her 70s and just wants to send and receive emails it is just all that she needs.

Do you have experience of vista and unsecured wifi connections.

PS Malaga is now one big free hot spot.

Thanks €dstowe. No we haven't. Thats a good idea, I'll let you know.

  johnanthony 16:12 09 Mar 2008

Hi €dstowe

Have installed firfox but still cant get the web page to open.

The message I get is - "you are connected but cannot connect to the web. You may have to open a web browser to complete the connection"
Next stop is Microsoft I think

Thanks again


  dms05 10:04 10 Mar 2008

As it's often said on this forum - having a wifi connection is not the same as having a network connection.

I'm running Vista and although I don't normally use WiFi I've just enabled mine and tried connecting with and without encryption. Absolutely no problem. Just to be safe I've tried IE7, Firefox and Opera. They all work.

However it is very odd that you can send emails OK. What email service do you use?

  johnanthony 10:31 10 Mar 2008

Thanks dms05

I have set up windows mail with a gmail account when connected to the secured connection, but it wouldn't work from the unsecured account.

I have a microsft answere which suggests chainging one of the registry settings. I don't want to do this on someone elses machine - yet.

Just out of interest, what Vista are you running and what make of laptop?

  T0SH 12:50 10 Mar 2008

Have you tried opening IE before you connect to the said wireless network ?

Cheers HC

  dms05 10:47 11 Mar 2008

It's Vista Home Premium on an almost new Acer 5920.

I still think you are establishing a Wireless Connection but for whatever reason you aren't then connecting to the Network. That's often a IP problem.

Have you tried running <ipconfig /all> and seeing just what you are connecting to? If you do this try <ipconfig /release> followed by <ipconfig /renew>.

It's possible you have't the correct DNS information for the Network. I always use a 3rd party one click here and enter the info manually. That makes me independent of the DNS used by any particular WiFi ISP.

  johnanthony 14:03 11 Mar 2008

Thanks Tosh, sorry to say that didin't work.

I did look at Microsft Vista community and it seems this is not an isolated problem. There are lots of people, mainly in the US, having the same problem.

Thanks DMS05, we will try all that and let you know. Over the wekend the laptop with its crazy Vista nearly ended up at the bottom of our freinds swimming pool. And now I have NO hair.

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