I.E Troubles,Cant save images,Dload time not shown

  Mad Boy 13:34 10 Feb 2003

1) When i try saving graphics i.e pictures, backgrounds etc they dont save correctly. If i try right clicking on an image or bkground i get the windows interface dialog box to choose a folder to save to. Underneath i am presented with *.bmp file type and *.Art (which i cant see what *.Art is associated with) If i save with any of these types they are saved as FILE, according to windows. So how can i go about changing this so that when presented with the save as box i can not only choose to save as *.bmp or *.Art but i can save as *.gif or *.Jpeg etc. I think you can see what i mean right? Also i tried changing the file associations and adding a new file type association, Still no change there!

2) When i download a file by clicking on the link or right click and save target as, when the download begings after choosing a folder destination i get that carp i.e download bar. It then says for Estimated time Left (NOT KNOWN) then besided that (OPENED SO FAR)
Im concerned because before i could see how big the file was and how long is left. Now i cant, And i dont want a download manager as my pc i getting really clogged up. (due for a format soon, first time in 3 Years!)


Many Thanks

  Noels 13:53 10 Feb 2003

Hi Mad Boy I don't know if I can help but I save lots of photos, clip art and other images. I have folders for each type i.e. My Photos, My clip Art
My Smilies, My Backgrounds etc. When I see an image I want to save I do like you say and right click to Save Image or Save Target as, then find the appropriate folder and click save. I never really bother about file type. When I later need to insert an image I just go to Open or Insert find the saved image and insert. Sometimes I have to use the dropdown box to find the file type but never really have any problems.

With regard to your second question I'm afraid I don't know the answer.

Regards Noels

  Mad Boy 14:48 10 Feb 2003

Hi noels, Well i was doing as you described as first, but as mentioned (i think) when saving as bmp it automatically is converted to a FILE type thus doesnt get recongnised in paint programs like MS paint, Photo Shop Editor etc.

Thanks anyway

  ©®@$ђ 14:55 10 Feb 2003

to the second question it seems that when you are downloading it is not saving to disk, it is automatically being opened

so istead of it being downloaded and saved to the hardrive and used at a later date, it is downloading and opening it.does it only do this on certain file types.e.g zip

when you click on a download it should give you the option to save to disk or open, if it doesn't give you this option then you have chose to open at some point and unticked the box that says always ask me what to do (or something similar)

  ©®@$ђ 14:58 10 Feb 2003

to the first problem have you got aol

You can turn off AOL image compression, which is what converts
them in the first place. Turn it off and your jpegs return to
their normal heritage, and will no longer be AOL compressed and
bastardized into those undesirable art files.

In AOL 6: Settings> Preferences> Internet Properties (WWW) > Web
Graphics> Tick the "NEVER compress graphics" and your graphics
return to normal.

Those graphics are already compressed by nature. When AOL steps
on them (yet again) with their additional .art compression, that
trashes the quality of the images and leaves you with .art files.

Hope this helps.

  Mad Boy 14:59 10 Feb 2003

No it happens to both zip and exe and rars. I always use save and not open and the box it ticked to ask me what to do. I tried re-installing I.E too.


  Mad Boy 15:05 10 Feb 2003

Cheers ©®@$ђ i think thats why i keep getting those "BASTARDIZED" *.Art Files!

Well ill give it a go.


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