IE secured site problem

  SDJ 23:37 17 Aug 2005

All of a sudden a colleagues computer will not access any secured websites.

It comes up Page Not Found.

I would be most grateful of any suggestions.


  johnnyrocker 00:44 18 Aug 2005

you need to post a lot more info before any help is likely to be proffered, ie os, browser,isp what you posted is like asking how long is a piece of string


  SDJ 03:51 18 Aug 2005

Apologies, its been a long day and I was just trying to help the missus...... OS is Win 98, IE version is 6. Dont see the relevance of ISP and dont know it anyway.

I have pulled some info for my wife to try tomorrow, including a repair of IE6.

  Megatyte 04:11 18 Aug 2005

"will not access any secured websites"

What do you mean by secured websites, how do you know that they're secured websites and are other sites available?


  grabster 06:27 18 Aug 2005

If you use xp then you could try this,its worked for me before when i had the same problem...

click here

go to line 68, dns error and save/run the file....


  octal 07:01 18 Aug 2005

Make sure the firewall is not blocking the https port, I think its port 443.

  Batch 09:38 18 Aug 2005

The ISP may be relevant. On Tuesday, I suddenly couldn't access any websites, although my broadband link was connected and logged in.

After some investigation, I found that I could access sites using their IP addresses. Seems UKOnline suddenly and without notification no longer supported Server Assigned DNS (Domain Name Servers). I had to get the IP addresses of the DNSs from UKOnline and configure manually.

I am still awaiting UKOnline's explanation as to why they have done this.

  SDJ 23:45 18 Aug 2005

I dont think its an isp issue as other (non-secure) sites can be accessed.

All other machines in the wireless network are not having any trouble accessing the internet.

Secured sites are those with https not just http

Its windows 98 so am not sure if the XP fix will work.

No software changes have been made so its a bit of a mistery. My wife tried to repair and reinstall IE but didnt make any difference.

So they are paying for some guy charging $100 an hour to look at it tomorrow.

PC worth 50p
Paying an Engineer $100 an hour to look at it
Boss to tight to by a new computer..... Priceless!!!!

No luck. My wifes

  Batch 09:06 19 Aug 2005

Have you checked the security settings in Internet Explorer? Tools > Interenet Options, Advanced Tab.

Are SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 checked?

  Batch 09:07 19 Aug 2005

BTW, SSL is Secure Sockets Layer, which is the security technology used for secure (https) web sites.

  Megatyte 14:44 21 Aug 2005

This may help - click here


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