rotormota 22:40 26 Jul 2005


In the last few days I have lost all my search favourites in the drop down menus in Google, Ebay & other search bars. I have to keep typing every site/search in. I do have auto-complete ticked so any other ideas please?

Also when starting IE it is now opening every time as a small size window rather than full screen?

Any ideas?

  VoG II 22:43 26 Jul 2005

Close all IE windows except the small one.

Drag its sides to fill the screen (do not use the Maximize button).

File | Close (not the X).

  rotormota 19:59 28 Jul 2005

Thanks VoG. Sorted the size issue but I am at a loss as to where all my favourite search list drop downs have gone. Also how can 2 sites be affected. Both Google & Ebay?

Any ideas?

  Jackcoms 20:15 28 Jul 2005

Have you recently run a system cleanup with something like CCleaner?

If you have that will have cleared out all of your search favourites, website URLs as well as website log-in names and passwords.

  rotormota 20:19 28 Jul 2005

Thanks J but no.

If I type in a search word either to Google or Ebay it should be saved but immediately typing in the first letter of that search again brings up nothing at all.

  stalion 20:20 28 Jul 2005

I have recently used cc cleaner and my favourites have remained intact and my log in passwords

  Jackcoms 20:30 28 Jul 2005

Um, interesting.

When I use CCleaner it clears EVERYTHING and I'm happy with that.

Mind you, I have just about every box ticked under Windows, Applications and Issues in the various CCleaner options.

  Jackcoms 20:33 28 Jul 2005

Just read your post again.

CCleaner does not clear out IE Favourites (which is what I think you were referring to).

It does clear words previously typed into search engines such as Google, Jeeves, etc, which is what rotormota was asking about.

  rotormota 20:42 28 Jul 2005

Any other ideas?

  Jackcoms 20:56 28 Jul 2005

Shot in the dark, but try this:

In IE go to Tools; Internet Options; Advanced.

Scroll down to 'Security'.

Ensure that the 'Empty Temporary Internet files folder when browser is closed' is NOT ticked.

  rotormota 18:06 04 Aug 2005

I am still missing my drop down search lists & login details still don't auto-complete.

I think it must be a registry entry issue. Could I be missing one or is one corrupted? Does anyone know which entries are responsible for these items?


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