IE Scroll position on using "Back"

  D0gma 13:28 12 Jul 2008

Hi, I have a problem in that when I use the back feature in IE more often than not I will be put back to the top of the previous page, and not to the previous scroll position on the page.

Also in say eBay, when you went back to the previous page, the items that I had already looked at would have changed from blue text to pink, now however the text colour never changes, which makes it even harder to find where I was on the page before I looked at an item.

Any help would be appreciated

  D0gma 21:28 23 Jul 2008

Bump.....anybod got any ideas???

  grey george 21:33 23 Jul 2008

Which os and which version of ie?
In the settings are you clearing the history straight away?

  Covergirl 21:49 23 Jul 2008

. . . I noticed that some links change colour when visited and some don't. I think it's down to code in the website html; I seem to remember this from when I had a website but that was years ago.

Also I notice that pressing the back button does not refresh the page you are going back to. So spend 5 minutes watching an item and then go back and everything is as it was.

Try some of the tick boxes under Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, but make a note of what you are changing as it starts to get messy after a few and often you can't remember whether it was ticked or not to start with.

Also I got a load of hits from Googling "clicked links don't change colour"

  D0gma 18:08 25 Jul 2008

Sorry, should have said....Vista Home premium and IE 7.0 To be honest I'm more bothered by the scroll position problem on using "back". Any help appreciated.

  grey george 19:57 25 Jul 2008

Has it always been this way since you started using this pc? Under tools/options/general/browsing history is automaticaly selected for newer versions of page?

  D0gma 22:34 25 Jul 2008

No it used to work fine until about a month ago, I could leave one page at say half way down, follow a link away from the page, hit "back" and I would be returned to halfway down the page. Now I get dumped back to the top of the page, which is a real pain if its a long page and I have to scroll all the way down, and try to find where I was at when I left the page.
Browsing history, this has never been changed and is set to "automatically".

  D0gma 23:03 25 Jul 2008

Okay, I seem to have found the answer here:

click here

At the moment this seems to be working so fingers crossed, thanks to all those who replied.

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