Is this an IE problem?

  Housten 12:38 07 May 2012

Good morning everyone,

First of all, I should explain that I have a dual core desktop computer that I bought about 6 years ago. I bought it with XP Professional, it came with the offer of a 'free' upgrade to 'Vista', and have now - well 2 and a half years ago - upgraded to 'Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium'. I have 4 GB of Ram and enough memory by way of extrenal hard drives.

For some time now 'Backup and Restore' from 'Control Panel' hasn't worked. As I have other backup programmes I wasn't too worried, just a little annoyed that I couldn't get it to work and couldn't fix it. However over the last few weeks 'Control Panel' has really srarted to annoy and irritate me. Every time I click on 'Start', 'Control Panel' all the icons appear, and slap in the middle I get a dialogue box that states that "'Windows Explorer' has stopped working. Windows will search for an exploration and inform you of a solution" or some such thing. It has never offered me a solution! If I click out of 'Control Panel', and then click straightb back in, no problem!

Does anyone have any idea of what is going on? Is it linked to the 'Backup and Restore' problem I am having. I have tried repairing that but no problem was found!! I do not trust Microsoft but if anyone has any adea what is going on, I would be very grateful for any assistance/advice/help.

Many thanks in advance.

  KRONOS the First 12:51 07 May 2012

It is an IE problem? No.

Here is a few thing to try. Windows Eplorer problems.

  Housten 12:25 08 May 2012


Many thanks for your reply. I have followed your suggestion, but I think it is a Microsoft problem - and I think they will be so uninterested in it, it is not worth bothering with them. For many years I have thought of MS as the 'Great Satan', and I think I am now being kind to them.

Let me explain. I followed your link, and the first suggestion was to do a 'sfc/scannow' at the command prompt.I don't know what happened to mine and as I wsn't using it I didn't worry about it, but I wasn't getting a DOS window with it! But this called for its use so I checked my wife's laptop, found what I needed to change/edit and corrected it. I then did the 'sfc/scannow' and got "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations"!! So, although my 'Backup and Restore' doesn't work, and by definition must have some sort of corruption, 'sfc' says there isn't a problem. So I carried on with the site's suggestion to do a repair. When we switched to Windows 7, I bought two copies but, stupidly I admit, I failed to note which copy went on which machine. I thought that if I used the 'wrong' copy it will tell me and I can then use the other, so not a problem. I put the DVD in, re-booted my machine and went through the start up routine. Having passed the 'English ( United Kingdom)' window I came to the window with 5 options. These are 'Startup Repair', 'System Restore', 'System Image Recovery', 'Windows Memory Diagnostic' and 'Command Prompt'. Because I have had some backup problems I no longer have a 'System Image Recovery' to recover, as for using 'System Restore' my 'Backup and Restore' doesn't, my ram is checked - and appears OK - at every start up so that eliminates 'Windows Memory and Diagnostic'. That leaves 'Command Prompt', which will only take you to DOS, but do nothing else leaving 'Startup Repair'. So I selected this, then next and it then took me to a window which said it was looking for an operating system. These it found - but I think absolutely uselessly. It stated that 'Vista' was on 'C' and 'Windows 7' on 'D'. The only problem being that I have - as far as 'Windows Explorer' goes - 'Windows 7' on 'C'. No matter, I selected 'Windows 7' to be repaired, clicked 'Restart' and it then went through the whole routine again!! Then again, and then I gave up!! Thank you Microsoft, NOT!!

I have therefore decided that my OS is now unrepairable, and that it really needs a complete re-installation to repair it. Well with all the updates and everything I can only guess at how long it would take, and I do not think it is worth the effort!! So, Chronus thank you very much for all your time and help, but I now think we were both wasting our time. I shall just continue with the system - corrupt as I think it is - the way it is and live with it. Many, many thanks.

  KRONOS the First 12:49 08 May 2012

I beg to differ about reinstalling Windows 7 would take a an age to complete,. I installed Windows 7 on a friend laptop as a dual boot with vista and if memory serves it took a couple of hours at most.This included all updates and the various programs which he likes.

If you download the ISO of your choice here. Windows 7. Either 32 or 64Bit it comes with SPI slipstreamed which will save time updating. As I tend to tweak my PC sometimes a bit to far I probably reinstall windows a couple of times a year and have found that installing Windows 7 takes the least amount of time over previous operating systems.

As for not knowing which copy was was which on yours and your wifes PC this does not matter as long as they were the same version, Home,Professional or Ultimate as long as you have your own COA then you can use either disk. This also applies if you download the ISO from the above link, providing you have the same version as your own then your COA will be fine.

  Housten 14:22 08 May 2012


Many thanks, for that!! I was thinking that by the time all the updates and whatever else has to be loaded that would have been a day gone. I also get 'Windows Secrets' emails. Some of it does not apply to W7, some of it seems fairly useless but there have been many good and worthwhile tips. Please do not think I am advocating this, all I am saying that having to go through and change/alter/amend those that I have made/done will take some time. However after your comment about the length of installation you are causing me to have a rethink, and I will very seriously consider your suggestion. Many thanks for your time and help.

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