I.E. not starting off keyboard.

  CR93Pete 12:19 23 Feb 2008

Hi Team
Just a silly one today. I have an A4 Tech Anti RSI keyboard (Model KBS-8) which was working on all the button i.e. calculator, email, my computer etc. It used to also find my Web Home page, but I had to do some repairs on the start up etc now it does't find it. I don't know why. Can you give me any tips.? I have re-installed the software and checked everything I can think of, what am I missing.? The web page comes up perfectly OK if I find it in the Start menu with the mouse.

  Technotiger 12:22 23 Feb 2008

Have you not checked the Keyboard Settings in the Control Pane? That is where you should be able to edit the various buttons actions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 23 Feb 2008

you need to reenable the hotkey setting for your keyboard (device manager) to make the extra buttons work.

  CR93Pete 14:37 23 Feb 2008

Hi Guys
I have checked the Keyboard settings in Control Panel and it offered Internet Explorer which is what I use, and I have set again the "Hot Key" for this with no effect. I have tried boththe Custom Settings and the Default ones with no avail. Incidentally there is no metion of "Hot Keys" in Device manager. I have tried the various combination af settings, so far without sucess. Will be missing for a short while


  CR93Pete 14:41 23 Feb 2008

My apologies I forgot to mention that I am using XP Home Edition SP2 and my connection is with Sky broadband using their adaptation of Internet Explorer. Sorry I should have mentioned this before.


  Technotiger 14:44 23 Feb 2008

After re-setting in Control Panel, are you sure you clicked on Apply/OK as necessary?

  Technotiger 14:45 23 Feb 2008

Or reset the button from scratch again, using the Browse facility to 'point' to your version of IE.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:47 23 Feb 2008

you will need to reload the software for the hot keys that came with the keyboard. iKeyWorks software

  T0SH 14:47 23 Feb 2008

Use the XP system restore to go back to a date when it was working maybe

Cheers HC

  Sea Urchin 16:34 23 Feb 2008

"but I had to do some repairs on the start up etc now it does't find it. I don't know why".

What repairs did you do to the start up? Maybe a clue there. As TOSH says maybe a system restore to before the repairs were done

  CR93Pete 20:30 23 Feb 2008

The major problem I had in January was because an update to AVG was preventing it from booting up and I eventually got it to start using the repair console. This involved trying to get it to take the "FIXMBR" command, which I was frightened off as it would seem to want to make a new MBR not repair the original. I then got it to "FIXBOOT" which it did and I was able to start it in Safe mode. When it was running I checked just about everything, then used System Restore to Dec 26th which was the last ime I used the machine prior to going into hospital with Pneumonia. The problem started shortly after. I think I used CCleaner, Vopt and Winaso to remove debris after the repair, as I had been connected to the web whilst trying to restore XP updates etc As well as removing and reinstalling AVG & Zone Alarm. I am sorry but I cannot remember exactly when it failed to work. I have just removed and re- installed the KeyWorks 6.08 software but it still doesn't want to work IE. All the other buttons are OK. I suspect that the problem is not caused by the software for the "Hot Keys". But I do not know how to make IE respond to the keyboard. Perhaps it is something in the Sky IE set up. I am reluctant to try System Restore as both Vopt and CCleaner both remove old restore records, don't think they will work as fault was some time ago and I remove as much junk as possible whenever I can. I just want to get it as it was before but if it isn't easy I will leave it and just start the browser using the normal Start menu with mouse.

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