IE + Netscape connects but too slow = timeout

  Davee75 10:28 16 Jan 2004

Alright helpfull people. Uhm i am having a problem accessing the web, my modem connects but the amount of data (on a 48k dialup)is measured in hundreds of bytes so it always times out. So far I have tried reinstalling win 98 (cant remember what ver.)reinstalling driver and different driver. IE repair tool, initially this told me sccrun.dll was missing and hshtml.tlb was an old ver. replaced those from another computer (?. I also used registry cleaning software. Etc.... now it is worse as it is now telling me the number for my ISP ( is not recognised and i know it the number and phone line and cables are ok as i have used another computer on them. I am close to reformatting harddrive.

  Davee75 10:39 16 Jan 2004

Oh yeh i have recently used a cache cleaner too. The Pc is Pc chip 810LMR onboard modem with 40gig harddrive loads of spare space. 64 Ram. 750mhz chip sorry this is all i can rember as i am writing this from work.

  woodchip 10:42 16 Jan 2004

Have you got a Firewall???? if so try turning it of. And see if it works any better

  Davee75 12:22 16 Jan 2004

Oh yeh that was another thing I had installed zone alarm freeware jobby but the first thing i did was uninstall it. that did naught.

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