IE keeps on telling that "it ai'nt responding!"

  haricot 09:31 21 Feb 2009

Help please or is it just me and/or my computer?

I'm having another spell of Internet Explorer keeping on telling me that "it is'nt responding"etc.

It then closes and I lose the page that I was working on and it is absolutely infuriating.

Surely others must get this and if so can you tell me the solution please. My nails are down to quick level !!


  Ex plorer 09:45 21 Feb 2009

Had the same trouble and switched to Fire Fox you can import all your favorites over to Fire Fox and its a safer browser the drawback is you have to get used to it but in my opinion its a better browser.
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  birdface 10:03 21 Feb 2009

Right click Local area connection and press repair and see if it comes up with a dns problem.

  haricot 10:07 21 Feb 2009

Thanks Ex plorer, yep I do in fact have Firefox but as you say , it isn't as easy to work with as IE7. I do use it from time to time when frustration levels peak but I was kinda hoping that someone might have a remedial solution to the IE7 problem.

If anyhone else is lookin' in and knows how to fix tell , please.
But thanks again Ex.Plorer,your interrest and input is nevertheless much appreciated.

  haricot 10:14 21 Feb 2009

Sorry Buteman. there I was posting off the response to Explorer and your reply popped up.
Feeling a tad sheepish and not being over-computer-literate, IO'm afraid to say you'll have to remind me where Local Area connection is . I know I'm going be red-faced or even red-nosed afterwards!!

  Ex plorer 10:16 21 Feb 2009
  haricot 10:22 21 Feb 2009

Crikey ! , that was quick so double thanks for that.

Snag No1......I've got Vista ! Would it be the same solution ?

  birdface 10:28 21 Feb 2009

Local area connection is on the taskbar next to the clock.looks like 2 monitors together.just right click it and press repair.Thats where it is on xp.

  haricot 10:35 21 Feb 2009

Got it and done it...thanks again. I know I should have known that, but have never had occasion to use it before now.

When clicked it came up saying that no problem could be found. I guess I will need to do it when the Internet thingy says "it is not responding again" and see what happens then.

I appreciate your patience and advice.Cheers.

  Pamy 10:57 21 Feb 2009

try a repair to IE or remove and re download and install if possible

  brundle 10:59 21 Feb 2009

If you lose your internet connection or IP address, IE will just tell you it can't find the webpage - it shouldn't hang. ie7 step by step troubleshooting
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