IE keeps freezing up in XP

  MICKY BOY 16:42 16 May 2004

When I try to start Internet Explorer, the Web page that is set as the Internet Explorer home page may stop responding for up to several minutes. Or, the page may not open at all. Or, Internet Explorer may stop responding. I am running W XP. Also some times Outlook Express is the same.
Is it possible to unload IE and re-install as this has been happening for some weeks now and I feel that the files may be currupted.
Any advice would be appreciated.


  GaT7 17:06 16 May 2004

Try a 'repair' of IE (instead of a reinstall). Usually takes care of OE as well - click here.

  MICKY BOY 18:13 16 May 2004

Tried your link. carried out repair still the same, any other advice.


  GaT7 23:21 16 May 2004

1. Try System restore (if this option is possible)to revert to a point before your problem began.

2. Run sfc /scannow to check for & replace corrupt files. click here if you need to know how.

3. Clean out your Internet cache & cookies & try again.

4. If you haven't scanned for ad/spyware or viruses: Get Adaware click here, Spybot-S&D click here Install, UPDATE & then run scans with both. Delete whatever they come up with. Also run CWShredder click here. For online virus scanners: click here, click here & click here. Run scans on at least 2 of the 3 sites. Good luck, G

  Robotic_Rob 23:39 16 May 2004

Ive got the same problem. I Dont think its any virus, adware or spyware. As ive tried Norton Anti-virus, Ad-Aware 6, Spybot-S&D 1.3 and Stinger many of times. Ive also tried that One Button Checkup and Norton Windoctor that Symantec has created. But still no solution.

On my IE the bottom little bar at the bottom has gone missing as well. (The bar with the progress bar and all your little icons telling you about whats happening)

  Robotic_Rob 00:01 17 May 2004

I looked at that repairing idea. But it asks do i want to uninstall Internet Exlorer - Q831167 and restore to my previous configuration. And since i didnt know what Internet Exlorer - Q831167 is or how to get it back on the system, i thought i shouldnt do.

What is Internet Exlorer - Q831167?

Before i had this problem i updated windows through the internet and i ran Ad-Aware 6. Might this have owt to do with it?

PS. Sorry Micky Boy, I didnt think they was much point in having two topics open on the exact same thing.

  GaT7 00:36 17 May 2004

Robotic_Rob - you could be right about it not being a virus issue, but recently someone had a problem here where 2 good virus scanners didn't find anything but a third did! So, no harm in scanning with 2-3 virus scanners just to be doubly sure. [You can come back & tell me 'I told you so!' & I'll be doubly pleased for you ; ) ]

I found someone on another forum had this problem & uninstalling Adaware actually did the trick for them! May be another thing to try? The Win update could've also caused it.

Now, I don't think the IE repair is going to make a difference (after MICKY's feedback), but I suppose anything's worth a go! Q831167 is an IE patch - click here, which one should easily be able to install again.

Let's know how you guys get on with the above. Will return tomorrow to post more suggestions if nothing has worked & if I've managed to find some more possible solutions. It's time for sleep now. G'luck & G'night, G

  Robotic_Rob 21:47 17 May 2004

I think you could actually be right with the virus. Because now IE looks like its working alright and now its playing with Nero and other programs. They keep crashing and windows coming up with the message saying Sorry but they was an error with the program and it needs to be closed down.

Which Virus scanner did the other person use!?

As im only on a dial-up, so it would take ages if i tried a few.

  MICKY BOY 09:15 18 May 2004

Crossbow7 Thank you for all your help and advice. Was unable to come back to you yesterday.
Downloaded all software that you recommended and installed. Found some spy ware and deleted them, although I run Pestpatrol these were not found. Therefore, it was good advice from you to say install and run more than one.
IE appears to have improved, so will carry out more scans to possibly trace even more spy ware.
I hope Robotic_Rob has good luck, finding and solving his problem, as I feel it is slightly different to mine.
Once again, Crossbow7 thank you for all your good advice.


  GaT7 13:44 18 May 2004

No problem Mick. Glad to hear IE has improved (tentatively at least!). You could also try an upto-date online spyware scanner at click here which sometimes finds stuff that all the others miss. Surprised to hear that PestPatrol didn't find anything - do you update it? Remember to check for UPDATES regularly with ALL the above programs & then run scans.

Robotic_Rob - to get your Status bar (bottom bar) back in IE you could try this: Open IE. Click on View -> Status Bar. If Status Bar has a tick mark before it then it is activated & should show up at the bottom. If this doesn't work &/or you need to re-enable this each time you open IE, try the tips here click here, or click here for even more suggestions.

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