IE Hijack?

  bamfiesler 23:55 16 Oct 2004

This is becoming a habit.

I reckon someone dropped something on my PC that re-directs my browser (IE) to a fake site, where I am asked to enter personal details. I think they've made a registry change, but I don't know what I'm looking for; AVG/Spybot/HiJackThis.CWShredder/A2 haven't spied anything, and sysrestore is off.

Any ideas?

  SANTOS7 23:57 16 Oct 2004

No idea, if you don't tell us what it is or which site

  VoG II 00:00 17 Oct 2004

Yep, what fake site?

  bamfiesler 00:02 17 Oct 2004

Basically, every time I try sign in to Ebay, I am taken to a page that looks authentic, but I now know that it isn't. I can't sign in from there, and even when I get kosher e-mail back from Ebay, the link they are asking me to jump to is a spoof!

I could kill the f****r that's done this!

  VoG II 00:04 17 Oct 2004

Send an email to [email protected]

  SANTOS7 00:09 17 Oct 2004

There is referance to this on page 24 of saturdays Daily star but not much on what you can do about it, but i think common sence must prevail and the best thing to do at the moment is avoid ebay until they come up with a solution as they are fully aware of what is going on

  bamfiesler 00:11 17 Oct 2004


I've sent them several, the last one was to suspend the account. I am convinced the problem is with my machine; is there any tool I can use which would spot a Registry change, and where in that chain should I be looking?

I am off to my kip now, so I won't be around to answer an qs, but pl post any help, and thank you all.

  Stirkius 00:28 17 Oct 2004

Try downloading Hijack This - a free program that will get rid of your problem...

  bamfiesler 09:10 17 Oct 2004

Hijack this finds nothing that I can see which is causing this.

  mark2 12:18 17 Oct 2004

Check in your hosts file, it's probably being redirected from there

  bamfiesler 12:29 17 Oct 2004


'Hosts files; sorry, what and where are they??

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