IE has encountered others

  bludywoman 09:52 22 Jan 2006

HI - have posted an issue like this before....but cant get to the bottom it. I getting frequent (I mean sometimes every 10-15 minutes!!!) messages....a box comes up with 'internet explorer has encountered a problem and must now close...' This then takes me back to desktop after asking me do I want to send a report to microsoft (.....what is the point in they solve my problems?....I assume not!)....Am also getting error boxes popping up with 'memory could not be read....reference...blah blah blah..' Also lots of page could not be displayed...and red crosses for some pictures (say in ebay). Internet also keeps cutting off - have spent half an hour on phone to provider who have said it is could be and IE problem or Mcafee. (?) Would like to get to the bottom of this annoying problem, or even try to resolve it....anyone any bright ideas?....System is XP Home Edition. Alison..p.s. have restored back to October (before all problems) and made no difference. (Now just short of tears of frustration)...anyone out there?..Have also tried VoG's previous link to IE problems ...but haven't managed to resolve.

  VoG II 09:55 22 Jan 2006

Right, let's see if it is a problem with IE or a general 'internet' problem. Try downloading and using Firefox click here and see if the same problems occur.

  VoG II 09:57 22 Jan 2006

By the way, you can 'turn down' those annoying error messages click here

  bludywoman 10:08 22 Jan 2006

Nice to 'see' you again VoG!
Have downloaded firefox.....and for the risk of sounding a complete I just use it as the browser all the time at the top of the page?..Can I still set wanadoo as my home page?...purely because I use that for my emails...I dont use outlook express, because at the time wanadoo had all the spam/popup blocks!..also, it has my ebay tool bar on it too....So do I need to use firefox all the time and reinstall the ebay bar onto it?..Alison

  VoG II 10:15 22 Jan 2006


Yes you can do everything that you want in Firefox. Type the address that you want as your homepage in the Address bar and click the Go button. Then Tools, Options, General and click the Use current pages buttons.

I don't use EBay so I can't comment on that.

  bludywoman 20:10 22 Jan 2006

Hi - VoG...have tried longer get the explorer has got to close message....but internet keeps on closing...what a pee off....!!!! Alison

  bludywoman 20:10 22 Jan 2006

have a larf.....just gone off as I tried to send the message above....have to keep logging back on!!!!!

  VoG II 20:15 22 Jan 2006

Well at least we seem to have eliminated IE as the cause.

I suggest that you start a new thread - 'Internet keeps cutting out' or similar - and state what type of internet connection you have, your ISP and so on. Also mention that it happens with both IE and Firefox. Then somebody who knows more than me about connectivity issues may spot the thread and help you.

Good luck.

  bludywoman 20:34 22 Jan 2006

VoG...thank you... Alison

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