IE favourites opens print software

  motherbored 22:20 22 Mar 2008

Recently, every time I click on one of my IE favourites it opens the print software instead of the link to the site. The only thing I can think of that's changed is that I've added a 4 port USB adapter. We do tend to swap over USB connections as phones, cameras etc get used by everyone in the family so, anything other than essential hardware (usually), gets unplugged to free up a port and is not necessarily plugged back in to it's original port. Is there a simple software solution to the problem or do I have to ensure each piece of hardware attached to my pc is allocated a specific port? I hope someone can advise me. Thanks.

  Jak_1 22:25 22 Mar 2008

With USB it matters not which port you use, they are all the same and I find it most unlikely to be the cause of your problem.
Sound more like a malware problem, have you run all your antispyware programs and antivirus to check this out.

  Simsy 09:51 23 Mar 2008

"one of my IE favourites", do you mean ANY of them, or one specific one? If it's just a specific one then I'd just delete that favourite and recreate it.

If it's all of them, I'm rather stumped. I think system Restore is the first thing Id try.

Good luck,



  motherbored 00:10 26 Mar 2008

Sorry if sending this twice but think I got logged out when sending......
Hi, thanks to Jak-1 and Simsy for your responses, but I still have the problem. I'm sorry I am not responding quickly but I am a wife and mother and work full time in high stress job and fight with 4 other members of the family over 1 pc. When I get near this machine it's to fix everybody else's problems!
To clarify, the problem occurs whichever favourite I click on - and there are lots! I run AVG free edition, Spyware Blaster and Spybot Search & Destroy. Also I use paid for System Mechanic which includes security checking software. All to no avail. (I also ran NoAdware for couple of years I think, till recently when it wouldn't fix things until I paid for product. Maybe I should have done this? I have been an internet pc user for 10 years and never had a problem with Favourites.

Any more ideas folks? thanks for trying!

  Acx 00:34 26 Mar 2008

Could be a file association problem
Click:- Start> My Computer
Tools>Folder Options>File Types

Look for:- Internet Shortcut (highlight this)
then:- Click>Advanced
then:- edit

In Action there should be 'open'
In 'application used to perform this action' there should be
rundll32.exe ieframe.dll,OpenURL %l

Change and click OK.
Restart IE and see what happens.

  Acx 00:54 26 Mar 2008

Should look like this

click here

  Coffee Adict 06:58 26 Mar 2008

I think its known as cross linked files, happened to me some years ago, trouble is cann't remember how I solved it, a registry cleaner might solve it CCleaner is a good one click here not too drastic and picks up dead links, the other alternative is to run Chkdisc I would go with the registry cleaner first.

  motherbored 22:37 26 Mar 2008

Hi folks
did all you asked - checked file association - no problem there, ran Registry Mechanic - loads of issues fixed but still didn't help, ran Ccleaner -cleaned out tons of stuff, still didn't help. Restarted IE each time to ensure it would take effect - nope! Only thing I haven't done is Coffee Adict's suggestion to run Chkdisc. Thought this operated via the "run" utility? tried with both c and k as last letter - windows couldn't find it.
I know its not the end of the world as I can google everything anyway, but it's a wee pain in the butt! Much appreciation for all the grey cell activity you guys, I'll keep visiting forum to see if you have any more ideas.

  motherbored 22:49 26 Mar 2008

Just a thought by the way, for past couple of months we've been getting a lot of memory dumps, you know, the blue screen memory dump then system restarts? You think there's a connection? It's been going on longer than the favourites problem but I have assumed this happens because this poor old pc is seriously overworked (hey, I'm noting some similarities between the pc problems and my brain...)

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